The team behind the Ricochet Anti-Cheat, the software sgama-crafty implemented within the PC version of Call of duty warzone e Call of duty vanguard, has published a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) post announcing the arrival of a driver capable of acting on the kernel of computers, looking for suspicious files that could make Warzone games less balanced.

According to the Ricochet team, "Cheating software has become so sophisticated that it can affect the proper functioning of the game and its code, even without directly acting on it." For this reason, the development team has opted for a kernel-based driver, in order to monitor the files present inside one or more hard disks, in the hope of reducing the phenomenon of cheating that has long haunted the platform.

However, the implementation of an anti-cheat able to act so thoroughly on a computer has always been an operation that finds rather polarizing feedback within the community, as in the case of the Anti-Cheat used by Riot Games for Valuing.

Opinions? In your opinion, such an anti-cheat is only one badly needed or a tool that, in the hands of a thug who hangs out in the computer hacking scene, can be used to damage players' PCs?