We are almost there! The Epic Games Store is about to return with yours free Christmas offers and according to some rumors christmas gifts could be generous. In the meantime, the time has come to talk about the present and therefore about the free offers this week.

Godfall Challenger Edition

"Aperion is on the verge of ruin. You are the last of the Valorian knights, divine warriors who can wear Valorian Armor, legendary armor that transforms the wearer into an unstoppable master of combat. Slay the enemies that stand before you on your climb to the elemental realms and challenge the mad god, Macros, who awaits you at the top. Ascend with Godfall, the first looter-slasher action RPG. Unleash the power of Godfall now! With the Godfall Challenger Edition, you instantly unlock maximum-level Valorian armor, receive skill points and a variety of lethal weapons. Play through all three endgame modes: Lightbringer, the Dream Stones and Tower of Trials Ascended. Defeat the enemies and you will receive loot worthy of a true Valorian. Loot and slash with a party of up to 3 players in co-op to show off your skills, perfect your build and destroy your enemies. "

Prison Architect

"Welcome, prison directors! Only the most ruthless warden in the world can contain the most ruthless inmates in the world. Design and develop your own custom penitentiary in Prison Architect. Allocate resources to optimize your complex, but don't limit the flow of inmates to avoid a flood, a fire, a fight or a real riot.Leverage federal money with grant applications and use your funds to fight disease, gang activity, litigation, and more!Make sure your prison is primarily ethical and safe with first-rate personnel, including armed guards, psychologists, doctors, lawyers and informants. "