Dead by Daylight Ringu The RingBehavior Interactive has announced that the next Chapter of Dead by Daylight, to be exact the number 23, will be dedicated to The Ring. Confirmation came via a brief presentation teaser trailer.

How easy to guess, this is not a license for the 2002 US remake starring Naomi Watts, but to the original work Ringu di Koji Suzuki dated 1991 and then transposed to the big screen by Hideo Nakata a few years later.

"We are extremely excited about this collaboration with Behavior Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team" said the producer of Kadokawa (holder of franchise rights) Reiko Imayasu, "We will send one of our most haunted characters into the fog, to overthrow horrors that will rival all of his great predecessors."

The arrival of the Chapter of Ringu is expected for March 2022. There are no further details on the characters introduced with it but, being the Japanese license of the franchise, it will in all probability be Sadako Yamamura to enter the roster of killers.