Premise: this review will be divided into two parts, the first relating to a press presentation event in which we were kindly invited, the second will be the review of the film.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the new film in the Marvel universe awaited by several generations of fans of the cinecomics of the American giant. The pre-sales, in fact, confirmed this fact and since they were opened, from midnight on 6 December, the enthusiasm of the fans of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was not long in coming, recording a real record never seen in Italy. In fact, in just under 12 hours from the opening, over 50.000 tickets were sold. A figure never recorded in our country and that makes us understand how much anticipation this film has.

In any case, before I tell you about the film review, you should know that Sony has kindly invited us to a press event to present the film. The event was divided into two particular sections: the first part included the vision of the initial 40 minutes of the film, all strictly in the original language and without subtitles, with extremely rigid controls to access them (the phones have been sealed) to avoid unpleasant surprises such as possible unexpected spoilers. If you are alarmed by this thing I tell you right away to rest assured, in this piece they will obviously not be mentioned. However, to better contextualize the event, it is right that I tell you at least some of the things available to us.

Tom Holland's hologram, live from LA, with Alessandro Cattelan as presenter of the event awaiting questions from journalists.

After the final event of Spider-Man: Far from Home, Peter Parker is faced with an unexpected situation: his identity, for the first time ever, was revealed da Mysterio and is suddenly faced with it an unsolicited fame with the eyes of the world all focused on him and his family. To fix this insidious situation, Peter believes that relying on Dr. Strange may be the best solution to be able to go back in time and "fix" some of the problems left unresolved in this dimension. Will he succeed?

With this cliffhanger, instead, I'll talk about the second part of the press event: in the prestigious one studio 10 of Cinecittà the reporters in attendance had the possibility of "meeting", albeit virtually through a hologram, Tom Holland the actor who has been playing Spider-Man for several years now. In the conference, Tom has repeatedly stated that, like the hero of the comic, great powers come with great responsibilities: in his case addressed in the manage well the notoriety that, a bit like Spider-Man in the film, once obtained it changed his life trying to send positive messages to the people who follow him as an example of life. On more specific questions, for example on the relationship that exists between Peter Parker and Dr. Strange, similar in some way to what there was with Tony Stark, the actor did not go unbalanced by simply saying that the two are simply "friends" and who only met through the Avengers and that he won't be a mentor like Stark was. However he later explained that in this film, his Spider-Man will be a more adult and responsible version of what we've seen so far, becoming a real leader. Stuff Tony Stark would probably be proud of.


Finding the words to describe this film is no easy feat. The emotions experienced in the room, with the room full of journalists, were crazy. Well t were presentre generations of spectators in the same hall. For each of them the feeling was that no one will ever be able to replace his Spider-Man with a new one and in fact no one will replace him. In the movie different emotions are felt: accounts are closed, traumas are resolved, people rejoice (in certain situations) and cry. In short, we get excited. But from a production point of view, this idea that a character's face corresponds to a universe and not an icon opens the door to a multitude of creative solutions. All very interesting and rewarding. With this spirit we are preparing to tell you about the 27th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


For the first time in Spider-Man cinematic history, The identity of our friendly neighborhood hero is revealed, placing his superhero responsibilities in conflict with his daily life and putting those he cares about most at risk. When he asks for the help of the Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to restore his secret, the spell opens a rift in their world, freeing the most powerful enemies ever faced by a Spider-Man in any universe. Now Peter will have to overcome his greatest challenge, which will not only change his future forever, but also that of the Multiverse.

What is striking seeing this new Marvel and Sony cinecomic concerns the growth of Spider-Man (played by the talented Tom Holland): a character who with this episode confirms an exponential development and a maturity never seen in previous films. As already repeated in the first part of the article, Peter Parker, unbeknownst to him, is forced to react and counteract an unsolicited fame after Mysterio revealed his identity and at the same time is accused by the Daily Bugle of John Jonah Jameson (played of course by the sole director: JK Simmons) to be responsible for the killing of the latter, Quentin Beck. The film, therefore, starts right where the previous one had ended. The revelation of identity, for a Superhero, is a very delicate issue and the secrecy on preserving private life is very important to protect not only himself but also the people closest to him. Imagine, therefore, finding yourself with an identity now at the mercy of everyone, including the bad guys. The theme of the violation is not to be underestimated as it represents, throughout the film, one of the focal points of the film: from this pretext in fact, all the unfortunate consequences that will follow the misadventures (but at the same time also the growth) of Spider-Man will be born. Private life is therefore violated and it will not only be him, but also his friends and family at the expense. Problem that obviously cannot be accepted by Peter who, to solve the problem, thinks well to turn to Dr. Strange, a figure capable of helping him in times of difficulty.

But of course, as the well-known Spider-Man catchphrase says "da great power comes great responsibility“, And in fact from the choice made by Peter also derive dramatic consequences. Don't worry, I will not write you the reasons for the drama in order not to lead to the spoiler, however from that series of episodes the awareness of being a special hero will slowly arise, thus assuming his responsibilities with a consequent gradual growth which will make the character of Holland a unique leader and, probably, remembered by posterity precisely because of the great interpretation.

Peter Parker meets Dr. Strange

Another fundamental focus falls on the alleged multiverse, a phenomenon already present (or already mentioned) in previous Marvel films and that is rooted in particular on this film. This concept, in fact, allows to modern Peter to face nemeses he has never met and which will put him in serious difficulty. The expectation of the people on this film also falls precisely on the curiosity to know the fate that the friendly Spider-Man of the neighborhood will have in trying to fix the damage caused by these "new" entities of the multiverse. What enemies will he encounter? What will be the solutions to bring them down? Will it actually be able to defeat the threats encountered?

All legitimate doubts that motivate more and more the hero's path towards an achievement that will probably satisfy all fans of the old (and new) generation. In fact, in the film you will meet faces already known in the cinematic universe of Spider-Man and, after so many years, it is surprising to see them in a modern context, as if absolutely nothing had changed from the films of the past.

Honestly, reviewing some of those faces already met in the past can evoke pleasant sensations for older cinephiles and perhaps curiosity in recovering previous films in the new generations. I would like to focus on the interpretation of William Defoe, known to most as the Green Goblin of Raimi's film, which with a masterful acting test confirms exactly the same feelings of anxiety and nastiness present in the film from the distant 2002. But Norman Osborn won't be the only "villain" Spidey encounters, another notorious enemy will be the dr octopus (or Octavius) reinterpreted by Alfred Molina who, in turn, confirms the inner dramas of a character as complex as the mad doctor enslaved by his murderous technology. But the film has not only dark elements, the interaction that the protagonist will have with the enemies will be spectacular (and reminiscent in some cases) but also comic. In fact, there will be hilarious interludes that will make the visual experience less chaotic and heavy, especially when MJ (played by a beautiful and talented Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob batalon) Peter Parker's clumsy friend.

"One day a nice little spider wanted to climb, but then Goblin came and made him collapse!"

Il quotationism, however, it is another a recurring element that will probably excite all fans from the cinema chair of the movie series relating to Spider-Man. We can't go too far, but I feel safe to tell you that when you come into contact with those moments, it will be difficult not to get excited and you will probably rejoice, as it should be.

Speaking instead of cinematographic language, the film presents good care with regards to photography and audio as well which, honestly, I got the feeling it was inspired by the music composed in the old films of the Sam Raimi trilogy. If for the press presentation we initially had the opportunity to approach the film for 40 minutes with the original audio (and without subtitles ...), in the case of the official press screening the audio was dubbed in Italian and also in this case the localization work was excellent.

The third film dedicated to Spider-Man by Jon Watts offers great emotions: you will find yourself in front of a film that, throughout its duration, will give you the feeling of experiencing a constant ride on a roller coaster. The rhythm, in fact, is frenetic and incessant, we will never stop between scenes seasoned with humorous sections and others that are decidedly more serious. Spider-Man: No Way Home è available in the best cinemas starting from December 15th. Happy Spider-Man day everyone.