The befana has arrived, and has brought back with it the usual weekly distribution of free games offered by the Epic Games Store, after the Christmas marathon. This week's title is Gods will fall, developed by Clever beans e Deep Silver.

"For millennia, the gods have dominated humanity without mercy. Devoted to cruelty and suffering, they claim to be served and worshiped blindly through an oath of loyalty from every man, woman and child. Those who refuse to submit to their will are doomed to a slow and painful death. Experience the ferocious ordeals of an adventurous group of warriors in their desperate attempt to wrest humanity from the merciless clutches of the gods. After enduring the ferocity of the realm of the gods for too long, every man and woman who can wield a weapon is now called to join you to form a clan of 8 Celtic survivors and face the legions of terrifying beasts and servants. who dwell in the hell realms of the gods. Every decision you make will lead to a personal narrative development. Achieve success and you can witness the birth of new legends. Fail and you will only see lives turn to dust. "

The offer will remain active until the next one January 13, 2022 at 17:00 pm, so hurry to redeem it!