Nintendo has recently published the quarterly report dedicated to the financial results of Q3 of fiscal year 2022. According to this new report released to investors, Nintendo Switch sales overtook the Wii in sales, coming to total well 103,54 million units.

Nintendo SwitchThe result demonstrates the steady growth in popularity of the hybrid console, which already in the previous quarter (even at the expense of shortage of electronic components) had reached the 92 million units sold, figures unthinkable at the time of Wii U which to date does not exceed 13.56 million units. The next record to break? According to the insider Daniel Ahmad, the console may not reach the numbers of Nintendo DS (154.02 million) by the end of its life cycle. However, the Game Boy (118.69 million) seems to be a goal within the reach of Switch.

Speaking instead of software sales, the console has passed i 700 million of securities purchased by users, with 3 titles that have been defined as real commercial successes: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (13.97 million), Mario Party Superstars (5.4 million) e Metroid Dread (2.7 millions).

In short, also this year Nintendo seems to be getting closer and closer to new records to break, with Nintendo Switch embodying one of the company's most famous memes after years: