The last PlayStation State of Play opened with a quick glance at the treasure chest of memories, showing a first look at the next zombie project from Umbrella Corporation. And after so many rumors and indiscretions, CAPCOM has finally announced Resident Evil 4 Remake, coming on March 24 2023.

"Resident Evil 4 is the remake of the famous survival horror released in 2005.
At the release of the original version, Resident Evil 4 managed to revolutionize the famous survival horror franchise thanks to a new type of gameplay, able to perfectly balance action, shooter and resource management elements, to set a new standard for future episodes of the series. "

The object of CAPCOM Division 1 is clear enough: revisit the adventures of Leon e Ashley using the technological innovations of this generation, also going to solve the critical issues that today would be considered obsolete. Will they make it? We just have to wait until next year to find out.