After a successful launch on PC in 2020, the horror-colored JRPG OMORI is ready to thrill console players. Well yes, finally the title developed by OMOCAT has come up PlayStation 4, Xbox Game Pass e Nintendo Switch.

The history of OMORI's development is unbelievable. Party like a crowdfunding project on KIckstarter and with the aim of raising at least $ 22.000. Objective that at the end of the campaign was obliterated, with a total income of ben dollars 203.300. The game received several honorable mentions at the 2021 Independent Games Festival and won the award Daringly Dramatic at the DreamHack of the same year.

“Explore a bizarre world full of unique friends and enemies. Work your way between the wonderful and the mundane to discover a forgotten past. And when the time comes, the path you have chosen will determine your destiny ... and perhaps that of others as well. "