Shortly after the attack on Shinzo Abe, due to a meme popping up online, French politicians and Greek news channels mistakenly swapped Hideo Kojima per Tetsuya Yamagami, the bomber of the former Japanese prime minister, publishing an old photograph of the game designer.

The far-right French politician Damien Rieu, perhaps not understanding that the photo posted was a simple meme, has retweeted Kojima's images with a comment that translates to “The far left kills”. Although Rieu eventually deleted the tweet, it appears the damage has already been done.


The cancellation does not seem to have been enough to calm the waters at Kojima Production, who wrote the following with a tweet:

Kojima Productions strongly condemns the spread of fake news and rumors that spread false information. We do not tolerate this libel and will consider legal action in some cases.

In short, a huge misstep that will, fortunately, have consequences.