The publisher Qureate announced a rhythm game rather crunchy called Massage Freaks, which will allow you to massage anime-style ladies to the rhythm of music. It is defined as "a rhythm game that resonates throughout the body".

Massage Freaks will go out oneShop di Nintendo Switch il August 4th at the price of 24,99 €. Here is some more information from the Official site:

A rhythm game where you massage beautiful girls ?! Play the rhythm game to solve the knots in the bodies of these beauties!
This new version of rhythm games makes you massage beautiful women to the beat of the music. Your massage parlor patrons not only have muscle aches, but also unique concerns weighing on their hearts. Use your secret massage technique to take all the stress out of their minds and bodies!

Use the power of massage to clear girls' minds and increase their affection for you.
Women with all sorts of problems visit the massage parlor you inherited from your grandfather. Once touched by this massage, their bodies will feel good and their affection for you will grow! Maybe there will also be some romance… ?! While you pay off your debt and resolve your customers' concerns, take some time to enjoy the love too!

Undoubtedly a very special title, will you buy it?