With a agreement da over 68 billion dollars at stake, many eyes are on the merger between Microsoft e Activison Blizzard, which is still awaiting finalization. There are still several investigations and checks by international authorities underway to determine whether the agreement, already accepted by the shareholders, whether or not it violates anti-trust or anti-competitive regulations, but it seems that one of these investigations may soon be over. Reportedly, Microsoft has satisfied the requests for information from the United States Federal Trade Commission and gives the government organization about a month to file any final objections.

Microsoft reportedly finished sending the information requested by the FTC regarding the deal recently, as reported by the paywalled site. Dealmaker. Whether the FTC will object in any way this month remains to be seen. Otherwise, approval of the deal, which earned Phil Spencer promotion to Microsoft Gaming CEO, should arrive as early as August and the issue could potentially close even before 2023.