A few days ago, inside the podcast Sacred Symbols, the well-known insider Colin Moriarty shared some excerpts of what appears to be a draft of the script for the next chapter of Tomb Raider, currently in development at Crystal Dynamics.

According to Moriarty, this first draft leaked from one of his internal sources was sent to the main cast of voice actors who - once the final stage of development has arrived - will lend their voices to give life to Lara Croft and many other characters which we will see in this new chapter, dubbed "Jawbreaker".

Immediately after the episode was published, however Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix (which until the conclusion of the agreement with Embracer Group holds the rights of the series) have sent a DMCA and therefore copyright infringement report to Patreon, a platform that hosts donations to the newspaper Last Stand Media, creator of the podcast.

The latter was summoned to delete the offending material, and avoid the suspension of your account. For more details, we recommend watching the new video published by Last Stand Media on the subject.