From the insiders of to Reuters, comes an interesting rumor related to Ubisoft and the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, with the latter apparently intending to become the majority shareholder of the French-Canadian software house.

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According to this rumor, the top management of Tencent would have contacted the Guillemot family at the head of Ubisoft, to agree on an increase in the shares purchased by the Chinese holding company in 2018 and which at the moment correspond to 5%. It is not yet clear how far Tencent could go, but the intention of the latter in becoming the majority shareholder, exceeding the 15% held by the Guillemots, is still certain.

In addition, several sources inside Reuters have mentioned the possibility of Tencent's acquisition of the shares held by public shareholders (80%), buying them at a price that is between 100 euro / share. The company would eventually send the Guillemot a non-binding document with the terms of the offer within it, and which according to various sources would far exceed Ubisoft's actual value in order to "scare" the competition. At the moment neither Ubisoft nor Tencent have wanted to comment on the news.