Yesterday the 2022 edition of QuakeCon, the expo dedicated to the world of signed shooters Bethesda /Id Software and what better way to celebrate than with a free ride of one of the most popular chapters of the Rip and Loom. The Epic Games Store is happy to offer you DOOM 64, the renewed edition of the chapter for Nintendo 64 and released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the series.

“It's been years since you stopped the demon invasion of Earth. Quarantined for the safety of humanity, the UAC research complex on Mars has been abandoned and forgotten… until now. A signal from a damaged satellite indicates that an entity has survived with the power to resurrect demons. As the only marine to survive the legions of Hell, you are sent on a lonely crusade to hunt down the Mother of All Demons and prevent a new invasion."

As always, this offer will remain valid until the next one 25 August 2022 at 17: 00.