The last Free is Beautiful of August is dedicated to strategy, but also of the randomness. One ring to tame them, a few turns to screw everything up. The new free of charge offered by the Epic Games Store is Ring of pain!

“Dive into randomly generated ring dungeons where you will make unexpected encounters!
Observe and plan your route.
Will you aim for the loot or stab some hideous creature in the back? As you search, fight or flee new encounters, the ring reacts to your actions.
Play at your own pace in this challenging turn-based roguelike.
Pay attention to every single step: you could fall into an ambush or worse ...
Observe the outcome of your choices so you can focus on the decisions.
The creatures project their actions into a hostile environment, ready to explode.
Will you escape or find a way to turn the dungeon against itself?

Choose your position wisely: your survival is at stake.
You could be overwhelmed in a moment ... "
Like every week, the free offer will remain active until the next one 1 Settembre 2022 at 17: 00.