Hundred Days Free is Bello Realm Royale ReforgedAs every Thursday comes the homage branded Epic Games Store and this time it is a rather original management title like Hundred Days.

The game is a very original “wine simulator” made by Broken Arms Games that allows the player to try their hand at making wine with his own company, taking care of the entire supply chain.

If your dream is to make your own bottles of Barbera e Chardonnay, Hundred Days allows you to start your journey into the wine tradition to make it happen.

In addition to this unique management title, Epic Games Store also honors players with a "Epic Launch Bundle" per Realm Royale Reforged, the battle royale created by Hi-Rez Studios which at the end of August reappeared on the market with a completely renewed version and more faithful to the one published on day one.

Both giveaways are already freely redeemable on the Epic store and will remain so until 17 pm of next September 15th.