Fall Guys green beans are about to take off for the immense blue. Through an announcement posted on its social media accounts, Mediatonic announced that Fall Guys Season 2 and named "Intergalactic Race" will be released next 15 September 2022 on PC (Steam / Epic Games), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

“In our new season, the inhabitants of Ruzzolandia leave the relative safety of their planet for the first time in search of new adventures. Throw yourself among the stars, with orbiting obstacles, cosmic races and all that the unknown has to offer. New frontiers also mean new space costumes and a lot of new challenges for our "stumbling stars". Passionate beans will also find new space-themed variations of our solo, duo and team rounds. It looks like a great adventure, right? It will be truly spatial fun! "

Here are the contents planned for this new season:

  • New themed events
  • New rounds
  • New variations of minigames already present
  • New Season Pass with 100 rewards
  • New collaborations with Hatsune Miku, Alien and Star Trek
  • Various bugfixes

In short, all of a sudden we find ourselves a few days before the "take-off" of this new season. You are ready? And especially, why are we all going to use the Hatsune Miku costume?