The official launch is now just over a couple of weeks away di Overwatch 2, coming to all platforms (like free to play) the next 4 October, and in the past few hours Blizzard has wanted to explain to its users their plans regarding the much discussed Battle Pass of the hero shooter.

First of all Overwatch 2 will be launched with 3 new heroes, Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko, and while the first two will be given to everyone for free at the first login, the third must be unlocked through the progression in the free part of the Pass.

content% 20roadmap.jpg

The seasons will apparently be bimonthly, and in addition to adding new characters they will also introduce new maps and classic cosmetics.

season% 201% 20free.png

The season Pass will also be available for purchase as shown in the image below, at the cost of 1000 Overwatch Coins (About 10 €), however this currency does not necessarily have to be shopped, but it can also be earned through weekly in-game challenges. 

premium% 20bp.jpg

The new free-to-play model adopted by Blizzard will therefore not force users to shop with real currency to access the new content, and even if the new heroes will be locked in the Pass, it seems that the latter will still be among the first unlocks, and therefore they will not force an extreme grind.