Il Tokyo Game Show 2022 cIt continues great with the announcements of the Capcom Online Program, which you will find all summarized below:

  • Let's start with Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and the second free update to the title that adds monsters such as the Violet Misutzune and the possibility of having “Layered Weapon”, weapons with customizable skins regardless of the nature of the instrument itself. The update is out next 29 September.

  • We continue with Resident evil village, which celebrates the 6.5 million units sold with the Winters Expansion. The expansion pack will allow you to play the eighth chapter in third person, and the gameplay will also be partially adapted to follow in the footsteps of the remake of 2 and 3. Obviously, the expansion Shadows of Rose could not be missing, which will make us live a adventure in the footsteps of Ethan's daughter set 16 years after the end of Village. The last feature is the revised Mercenaries mode, in which Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg can also be controlled. Village DLC and Gold Edition will arrive on 28 October 2022. 

  • After Village, Capcom also talked about the remake of Resident Evil 4, which will also be published on PlayStation 4 as well as on new generation systems. New details will be revealed at the Resident Evil Showcase coming next month.
  • The conference goes on with a new trailer for exoprimal, which anticipates some segments of the macroplot of game as well as show new gameplay. We will not spoil you anything in case you would like to remain a virgin on action-multiplayer worldbuilding, but find the video below if you are interested. The game is coming at an unspecified time of 2023 

  • La Megaman Battle Network: Legacy Collection will be released in 2023 and will remaster well 10 titles of the Game Boy and GBA era. The collection will also introduce online play and competitive modes and will be sold in two separate Volumes.
  • The conference ends with Street Fighter 6, which through a new trailer shows us the possibility of creating a our character fully customizable to explore the world of the campaign single-player. Obviously, highlights on already known faces of the brand such as Ken, Blanka, E. Honda and Dhalsim with their new designs could not be missing. The fighting game will also have the possibility for the first time to enable the voice of some famous eSport commentators in game (a bit like the FIFA commentary). Street Fighter 6 will also arrive in 2023, however there will be a closed beta test that will last from 7-10 October 2022.