It has arrived that time of the week. The one in which Free is Beautiful back to improve your libraries with new ones free games offered by the Epic Games Store.


“With tons of competitive modes, up to nine players online and eight locally, and a huge single-player adventure, Runbow is the quirky color-based platform game you've been waiting for.

The world of Runbow changes with each shot of the background, so you'll always have to be on your guard as platforms and obstacles disappear - what you can't see doesn't exist. Fast, frenetic and fun, Runbow is packed with game modes you won't be able to do without.

Compete head-to-head with your friends, online or locally, in Racing, Arena or King of the Hill modes, in a crazy and colorful competition. "

The Drone Racing League Simulator

"The DRL Simulator is the leading FPV racing and simulator game. The DRL Sim offers a solid set of evolving features, including a high-intensity drone ride. It includes tracks where real DRL drivers compete and more will be added each season. This is what it feels like to fly in the cockpit of the fastest drones in the world! The DRL Simulator will push the limits of your drone driving skills and prepare you to fly in real life. Explore legendary places and new worlds. Fight with your friends to the finish. Race non-stop, avoiding destroying your drone and spending a fortune. Master this game and you can compete for a chance to become a professional driver in the Drone Racing League! "

As always, the offers will be available for one week until the next 6 October 2022 at 17:00.