Steam saleValve has decided to officially change scheduling of the always expected Steam sales: No more discounts for the Lunar New Year, but a new session set for spring.

As you know, Steam has always held four long sales sessions over the course of the year. One in summer, one in autumn (coinciding with Black Friday), one in winter and finally that of the lunar new year dedicated mainly to Asian markets.

The problem with this type of scheduling was a too marked closeness between these last two sessions (which in 2022 were held just three weeks apart) and a substantial gap in the spring season.

So Valve has decided to reschedule the next sessions on its store as follows:

  • Autumn sales: November 22-29
  • Winter sales: December 22nd - January 5th
  • Spring sales: March 16-23

"The addition of spring sales has been a very popular request from our community of developers and publishers" Valve explained. “It will allow us to have more space between our four largest seasonal sales and will give developers more opportunities throughout the year to expand their discount schedule. We believe that many publishers will still decide to make discounts for the Lunar New Year using their personal tool for them, but we suspect that users will be better served with a little more space between the main seasonal sessions ”.