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Mafia 2

Mafia 2 and 3, free definitive editions for those who own the originals

2K Games has decided to move forward after the announcement of the Mafia: Trilogy including the remake of the first chapter: the owners of the other two chapters will be able to update their copies for free. The only limitation dictated by the developer concerns ...

2K will increasingly support Nintendo Switch

2K chief creative Sami Thessman said the company is keen to bring new games to Nintendo Switch.
Mafia Trilogy

Mafia Trilogy, announced the relaunch of the series with a short teaser

The three chapters of the Mafia series, signed by 2K Games, are about to return to the market in a package called the Mafia Trilogy, presented today by the publisher. The announcement came accompanied by a short trailer, which offers ...
WWE 2K Battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds, arcade alternative to wrestling games announced

After confirming that no classic title dedicated to the WWE brand would have landed in our living rooms this year, 2K Games announces surprise WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The launch is set for next autumn. Along the lines of ...

WWE 2K21 has been officially canceled

The gamers, for this year, will have to do without WWE 2K21 and wrestling. At least as regards the gaming sector, given that in real life (albeit with numerous and obvious limitations) the ...

WWE 2k21 would have been canceled in favor of something completely new

According to an insider 2K would have canceled the development of WWE 2K21 to devote himself to a completely renewed game dedicated to wrestling.

2K Games: the NFL 2K series is back

The division of 2K Games dedicated to sports titles such as the NBA 2K series is preparing for a new step forward, many could call it a look at their past. The development house has ...
1500 GeForce Now titles

2K Games removes some of its titles from the GeForce Now library

Nvidia's streaming game platform, GeForce Now, is facing opposition from some of the world's biggest publishers. After Bethesda, Activision, Capcom and Square Enix, in fact, it is now 2K Games to ask ...

Borderlands 3: the level cap will increase

From its arrival in stores to the present day, Borderlands 3 players have been able to explore their characters' abilities up to the initial level 50 limit cap. The latter, however, will ...

WWE 2K20, players complain about various problems at launch

From yesterday, in stores, you can buy WWE 2K20, the title dedicated to the great wrestling of World Wrestling Entertainment. However the expectations on the launch of the game would seem not to have satisfied the audience at all ...

NBA 2K20 - Review

If you have the finite 4-2 in the eyes for Toronto against Golden State thanks to a sumptuous Kawhi Leonard, if you are anxiously following all the "trade" of the off season, if your "folly" ...
borderlands 3

According to Gearbox the Borderlands 3 main quest will last around 35 hours

Borderlands 3 is certainly one of the most anticipated titles of the coming months, and as we approach September, Gearbox is unveiling new details about the game. In a recent interview with ...

Borderlands 3 will have real money microtransactions, but only for cosmetic items

In the last few hours the gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3 was held, and during the stream Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, spoke about the thorny issue of microtransactions with real money in the game ....

Borderlands 3 exclusive Epic Games Store, users retaliate with negative reviews ...

The "feud" between digital stores on PC continues and the protagonists are always the same, even Borderlands 3 is in fact disputed between Epic Games Store and Steam, with the first that has secured ...

Rumor - Sony prepares to hit, Take-Two and Rockstar Games coming?

According to rumors that have circulated, but subsequently proved wrong, Sony would be close to buying Take-Two. The possible sale of Take-Two, however, would bring about a series of important changes in the videogame market: in fact the group owns at its ...

2K may be working on a new sequel for BioShock

According to rumors, 2K intends to bring one of its flagship franchises back on stage. A new BioShock is in the pipeline, according to what the journalist Jason Schreier wrote about Kotaku. The task ...

Free is Beautiful - Ubisoft Forward

There are just a few hours to go before the Ubisoft Forward digital event and although news related to the scandal that shocked the French company continues to arrive, we are looking for ...

Ninjala - Review

In an increasingly saturated market of titles devoted to online multiplayer, it is always nice to see a production that tries to stand out in this ...

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