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Les bal des Folles

Le Bal des Folles - Review

"What interests me is asking unanswered questions." It is not a quote from this film, Le Bal des Folles, but from an interview. It was released by the writer of the book of the same name from which ...
New World Amazon Postponed MMORPG September

New World - Amazon's MMORPG has been postponed to September 28th

The Closed Beta of New World, the new MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, has just ended. In light of the closing of the testing period, the developers have posted a thank you to everyone ...
Amazon Games New World MMO

New World - Reached 200.000 players during the beta

Despite the various technical problems that plague it, the beta of the new Amazon New World MMORPG seems to have started on the right foot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpWlBM3yTDA According to the SteamDB website, in fact, the total number of registered players inside ...

Solos - Review

We've all been alone at some point over the past two years. Isolated from others by uncontrollable circumstances, forced to live with ourselves for much longer than we would have ...
Amazon Game Studios New World MMO

New World, Amazon's MMO will have cosmetic microtransactions

Amazon Game Studios, as we've seen in the past, didn't have much luck in video game development. The next title to be released will be the MMO New World, of which the cash has been confirmed ...
Amazon Montreal

Amazon keeps trying, new studio and new game in development

Amazon continues to expand into the gaming world without ever having released a single noteworthy game. After the economic follies that you can read at the following link, the company has announced the opening of ...
Amazon Game Studios New World MMO

Amazon announces the third postponement of New World

New World, the much talked about MMO developed by Amazon Game Studios, has received a third postponement slipping from Spring 2021 to August 2021, with a public beta coming in July ....
Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios, a lot of money spent and no results

Amazon Game Studios were founded in 2012, nine years ago, and have produced practically nothing since then but a series of failures after another. After deleting the ...
Animal Crossing Nintendo Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the best-selling game on Amazon in the US in ...

Amazon has unveiled in these hours the list of the best-selling video games in the US and Great Britain. Animal Crossing: New Horizons tops both charts. This figure is surprising especially for the ...
The Crucible Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios cancels The Crucible

The Crucible, the third-person shooter developed by Amazon Game Studios, ends its development path with a resounding thud. After the failed release last May, the development team rolled back to phase ...

Xbox Series X is sold out in Japan

Xbox Series X sold out in Japanese stores within minutes. As reported by Xbox News in a tweet, the next-gen console from Microsoft has seen all its stocks pre-ordered on the ...
Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Google Stadia xCloud Nvidia GeForce Now

Amazon launches Luna, its Cloud Gaming service

And in the end even Amazon, the e-commerce giant managed by Jeff Bezos, has entered the world of Cloud Gaming and will try to make shoes for its competitors such as Google Stadia, xCloud and Nvidia GeForce Now with its ...

Ninja is back on Twitch

After the closure of Mixer and a brief visit to YouTube, the most famous streamer in the world returns to the platform that launched it. Ninja has signed a multi-year exclusive deal with Twitch. Was...

Fortnite and Amazon have revealed the release date of PlayStation 5?

The Assassin's Creed Valhalla page on Amazon and the new Fortnite DLC seem to reveal the release date of PlayStation 5.
Twitch Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime has changed its name

For a long time, Twitch has been offering benefits to its Amazon Prime subscribers such as free games and DLCs, skins, and a free Twitch channel membership every month. Now Amazon has announced ...
Amazon Game Studios New World MMO

Amazon's MMO New World has been postponed to 2021

The first steps taken by Amazon in the world of video games cannot be said to be lucky. The period is not the best for the production of new titles, especially if you are a studio that comes ...

Sons of The Forest, release date announced with a new trailer

Sons of the Forest finally has a release date. The sequel to the famous Endnight Games survival will officially arrive on the market on May 20 ...

Free is Beautiful - Dead by Daylight & while True: learn ()

Today is Thursday! And like every Thursday we return to talk about the latest free offer of the Epic Games Store. And this is where Free is Beautiful comes back, ...

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