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Tales of Luminaria Bandai Namco Trademark

Bandai Namco registers the trademark for Tales of Luminaria

Bandai Namco does not stop and while the development of Tales of Arise continues, the Japanese software house may have started to lay the foundations for the next title in the series: Tales of Luminaria. How...

Project CARS 3 - Review

Having to deal with the review of Project CARS 3 put me in difficulty, because the first evaluation of the title is difficult to deal with: what kind of game is it? Established that you ...
Tekken 7 Guinness World Record Katsuhiro Harada Bandai Namco

Tekken 7, Season Pass 4 announced for this fall

Tekken 7 stars in a new trailer thanks to the announcement of the Season Pass 4 scheduled for this fall. What innovations will be introduced? The fourth season of the fighting game Bandai Namco will see new balance changes, improvements ...
Fighting Games Roundtable Bandai Namco Arika Arc System Works Koei Tecmo Capcom SNK

Fighting Games Roundtable - Japanese developers come together in one stream

After the scandal involving the organizer of EVO Online and its subsequent cancellation, the developers found themselves without a platform to announce the latest news on their fighting games. For this, the ...
Taiko no tatsujin

Taiko no Tatsujin, announced free DLC to celebrate sales

Bandai Namco announced that Taiko no Tatsujin on Nintendo Switch has sold over one million copies globally. To celebrate the milestone, new free additional content will therefore be introduced. The free DLC designed by ...
EVO Online EVO 2020 Scandal FGC Smash Capcom Netherealm Studios Bandai Namco

Scandal FGC - The EVO Online 2020 has been canceled

After upsetting the American community of Super Smash Bros., the SmashGate Scandal has also invaded other communities in the fighting scene, even going so far as to compromise the EVO Online scheduled for August. https://twitter.com/EVO/status/1278573278118899712 Speaking of the biggest tournament ...
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fallout Vault Boy Bethesda Costume Mii Mii

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Fallout's Vault Boy arrives via Costume Mii

In the latest direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there was not only space for Min Min and his noodle arms, but also the Mii Fighters had their little moment of glory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XvGEPiXPUU Among the ...
Scarlet Nexus Xbox PlayStation Japan

Scarlet Nexus, the new trailer introduces the plot

Bandai Namco returns to show Scarlet Nexus with a new trailer released right now through the official YouTube channel. The focus on the new title from the developers of Tales of Vesperia is placed this ...
Twin Mirror Dontnod PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show - Here is the new Twin Mirror teaser

After the Life is Strange 2 parenthesis, Dontnod presents itself to the PC Gaming Show with a new teaser of Twin Mirror, their new graphic adventure developed together with Bandai Namco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu_P0oQ639k The title will deviate ...

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, here is the 2.000 euro limited edition

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, as announced today, will be available from August 28 in different editions. The most exclusive costs 2.000 euros. The title coming out on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC will in fact ...
Scarlet Nexus Xbox PlayStation Japan

Inside Xbox - Scarlet Nexus announced

The announcements of the various titles coming to Xbox Series X continue during the Inside Xbox. Now it's Bandai Namco's turn with a futuristic Hack n 'Slash: Scarlet Nexus. Set within a Brain Punk city, the planet will have to ...

Jump Force arrives on Nintendo Switch in Deluxe version

Bandai Namco has announced that Jump Force: Deluxe Edition will arrive on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Billion Road - Review

This is a period that has made and will reflect in many different ways. Personally, a valuable lesson I have learned - and which I will treasure - is that having on my hands ...
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope - Here is the official trailer

After Man of Medan, your summer is about to turn into a real nightmare with the arrival of Little Hope, the second title dedicated to the survival horror saga of Supermassive Games: The Dark Pictures Anthology ....

Dragon Ball Z: Kakaroth, Goku and Vegeta are shown in Super Saiyan God version

Bandai Namco showed the first images of the new Dragon Ball Z: Kakaroth DLC in which Goku and Vegeta will become Super Saiyan God.

My Hero One's Justice 2 - Review

The plethora of tie-ins taken from anime and manga is now incalculable, a veritable chaos of productions that, riding the wave of the success of the original work, aim for a gain, if not easy, at least ...

Sony aims to sell 15 million PlayStation 5s by March ...

Calling PlayStation 5 an unobtainable console is a bit like discovering hot water. In the nine months following its launch, the new gem of ...

Diablo Immortal, the release date has been officially moved to 2022

Diablo Immortal, the new mobile iteration of the historic Blizzard franchise, has seen its launch window officially moved in the past few hours ...

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