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Steam China Alpha version

Steam: an Alpha Version released in China

With the "favor of the darkness" Valve arrives in the Chinese market with an Alpha version of its Steam PC client exclusively dedicated to China. Although this is - economically - a good move ...

Let's not let them take us away from Animal Crossing

I am aware that it seems to have nothing to do with the title, or with Animal Crossing, but have you seen this video? https://youtu.be/4PsMqLbCWdM This is the "courteous" answer of Julian Reichelt, editor of the prestigious German newspaper Bild, ...

Animal Crossing: New Horizons banned in China

Animal Crossing: New Horizons joins the Chinese government's long blacklist, which already includes classics such as Google, Twitter, Ben Hur, The Hundred Acre Wood, press freedom and ...
Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. boosts sales due to Coronavirus

Ndemic Creatons has seen a surge in sales of Plague Inc. located mainly in China. Users would be using the strategy game to learn more about how a disease spreads ....

Nintendo Switch arrives in China, Ubisoft publishes an exclusive game with the Rabbids

In July Ubisoft had revealed a new game dedicated to Rabbids and coming out for Nintendo Switch. The title looked similar to Nintendo's Mario Party series. Today we have some more information. Rabbids: ...

Riot Games warns streamer and LoL players to avoid sensitive topics

Riot Games has released a document that warns players and streamers to be careful what they say and to avoid "sensitive topics". The text that includes the warning to the players, appeared ...

Hearthstone - Player suspended for commenting on the situation in Hong Kong

Hearthstone is one of the most famous card games of the moment and boasts tournaments all over the world, but now one of the competitions has lost a player. Blizchung, professional Heartstone player has been suspended ...

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo leave China

The duty policy imposed by President Trump on China affects all economic markets, including the gaming one. Following the proposal of the Trump administration, which suggested the introduction of a new tariff of ...

China, new restrictions on video games

China has always carried out a very careful control over the publication of new video games in its territory, also thanks to the development of ad hoc organs and commissions. The main controlling body, the "Administration of ...

Fortnite, in China comes the limit of three consecutive hours of play

A user on Reddit has reported that in China, after three consecutive hours of play, Fortnite missions are deactivated.

Valve is about to finally launch Steam in China

Valve and the Chinese publishing house Perfect World have signed an agreement with the Shanghai government in preparation for the official launch of Steam in China. Steam has been available in China for a while ...

Kingdom Hearts III, in China Winnie the Pooh has been censured

We finally have a release date for Kingdom Hearts III, a chapter expected by more than ten from all over the world. Square Enix is ​​fueling the hype with several trailers showing characters and environments of the game, ...

Twitch was suddenly stuck in China

The Twitch video streaming platform was suddenly blocked in China. The website is currently inaccessible and the app has been removed from the Apple App Store. The news comes from Abacus, which suggests that ...
Fortnite views

Fortnite also comes to China with a large export investment

Following some fairly obvious indications last week it is now confirmed that Fortnite will soon be published in China. The publisher is Tencent, of course, and in addition to bringing the game to the Chinese public, ...

Digital totalitarianism: China will introduce a "social credit" system for its citizens

The Chinese Communist Party has been working since the 2014 in the design and development of a social credit system: it will be a complex database that will gather information on Chinese citizens, for then ...

Playing too much hurts?

Does playing too much hurt? The answer is absolutely yes, or so it seems from what has happened in China, in Zhejiang province. A man, after a session of "sunshine" 20 hours without interruption, ...

Will Final Fantasy XVI be announced as a PS5 exclusive soon?

Final Fantasy XVI could soon appear to the world and, according to an insider, it would be a temporary exclusive PS5. Navtra, the insider who through ResetEra ...

Xbox - xCloud will also arrive on Android

Microsoft is preparing to enter the field of Google Stadia, announcing the arrival of the public beta of xCloud on Android. https://twitter.com/Xbox/status/1290634916166635522 Coming next September 15th ...

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