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Google Stadia, the store has finally implemented a search bar

In the past few hours, through an official post on the Google Stadia community blog, the development team of the cloud gaming platform has announced several upcoming news regarding the renewal of the User Interface ...

Google Stadia redeems itself thanks to Cyberpunk 2077

For Google Stadia it has certainly not been a year to frame. The cloud gaming platform, launched last year, has greatly struggled to take off mainly due to a small catalog ...
Project xCloud Xbox

xCloud will arrive on PC and iOS in Spring 2021

xCloud expands and arrives on new platforms: Microsoft has announced that its streaming game service will arrive on PC and iOS in Spring 2021. The confirmation came directly on the site ...

Stadia allows you to stream games directly to YouTube

The integration between Stadia and YouTube was one of the features that Google promised at the launch of its cloud gaming service. An ambitious project that included the possibility of broadcasting their matches live ...

Stadia announces that it has 400 games on the way

Google would be ready to make 400 games available for Stadia, according to Jack Buser, service director of the company's video games section. Buser cited the figure in an interview with MobileSyrup, adding that the ...
Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Google Stadia xCloud Nvidia GeForce Now

Amazon launches Luna, its Cloud Gaming service

And in the end even Amazon, the e-commerce giant managed by Jeff Bezos, has entered the world of Cloud Gaming and will try to make shoes for its competitors such as Google Stadia, xCloud and Nvidia GeForce Now with its ...

Apple has second thoughts: reopen the doors to cloud gaming

In recent weeks, the discussion on Apple's App Store measures deemed too restrictive for cloud gaming has been held. Especially from Microsoft, which had raised its voice after giving up on bringing ...
Project xCloud Xbox

Xbox - xCloud will also arrive on Android

Microsoft is preparing to enter the field of Google Stadia, announcing the arrival of the public beta of xCloud on Android. https://twitter.com/Xbox/status/1290634916166635522 Coming on September 15th 2020 for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, ...
Crayta Google Stadia

Google Stadia - New trailer for the Crayta platform

Google Stadia is preparing to welcome Crayta, a level editor that will allow players and streamers to share their creations with the public in real time. https://youtu.be/kR5oDOiA07Y Announced in the past few months and coming soon ...
1500 GeForce Now titles

GeForce Now, Xbox Game Studios and Warner Bros titles also removed

Bad news for GeForce Now owners: more games will be removed from the catalog starting April 24 and these are quite significant defections. Leaving the game streaming service will be ...

Amazon ready to launch its streaming game platform later this year

Amazon's streaming gaming platform should see the light by the end of this year, although there may be delays due to the Coronavirus. As reported by the New York Times, the company ...
Nvidia GeForce RTX Ban YouTube

Nvidia GeForce Now: Activision Blizzard games removed for "misunderstanding"

A few days ago, Activision Blizzard's games were removed from the catalog of GeForce Now, Nvidia's cloud gaming platform. According to what Bloomberg reported, the titles would be removed on ...

Facebook enters the world of cloud gaming

Facebook has announced that it has acquired PlayGiga, a Spanish company that offers a streaming game service currently limited to certain countries.

Reggie Fils-Aimé, for him the future of gaming is in the cloud

Reggie Fils-aimé former president of Nintendo of America, during an interview said that for him the future of gaming lies in the cloud. Good Reggie also attended this year's The Game Awards, ...

GRID, on Stadia you can count 40 multiplayer machines on the same track

GRID, the racing game developed by Codemasters will arrive on Stadia with a mode that boasts 40 help on the same track. Unfortunately GRID is not part of the list of 12 games available at launch ...

Microsoft and Sony united for cloud gaming, the beginning of a new era

Sony and Microsoft have announced that they will work together to develop a cloud gaming platform that can look ever closer to the future.

Back 4 Blood could arrive in the Xbox Game Pass on day one

Back 4 Blood was presented several months ago and immediately attracted the attention of players, placing itself as the spiritual heir of the lucky ...

IGN EXPO 2021 - Sifu is shown in a new trailer ...

Sifu, a title based on Chinese martial arts, returns to show itself in a new gameplay trailer from IGN EXPO 2021. The title developed by Sloclap is again ...

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