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Death Stranding, Kojima publishes his Final Trailer

With the release date of Death Stranding Director's Cut approaching, Hideo Kojima took the opportunity to publish his Final Trailer dedicated to the special version coming out on PS5. The Japanese director had declared, in the ...
Hideo Kojima Death Stranding Director's Cut Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima doesn't like the wording "Director's Cut" for Death Stranding

As a good lover of cinema, Hideo Kojima did not particularly appreciate the Director's Cut nomenclature given to the PS5 version of Death Stranding, arriving on September 24th. With this premise, er vate de ...
Death Stranding Director's Cut Kojima Productions

Death Stranding: Director's Cut - New features unveiled

During the last State of Play, Sony has disclosed new information on Death Stranding: Director's Cut, the remastered for PS5 of the first game by Kojima Productions announced last month. https://youtu.be/6tgsz7WbidU Among the main worthy additions ...
Death Stranding Director's Cut Hideo Kojima Production

SGF 2021 - Death Stranding: Director's Cut coming to PlayStation 5

We continue our coverage of the Summer Game Fest 2021 by talking a little bit about Hideo Kojima. Metal Gear Solid's dad had a quick chat with show host Geoff Keighley before announcing ...
Death Stranding

Death Stranding, collections for 27 million dollars on PC

After a release on Playstation 4 considered a good sales success by Hideo Kojima, even the results obtained by Death Stranding with its PC version seem to have been very respectable. In accordance to...
Ludvig Forsell Hideo Kojima Productions Composer

Composer Ludvig Forssell leaves Kojima Productions

Ludvig Forssell, composer of the soundtracks of Kojima Productions, has announced his departure from the studio of the eponymous game designer Hideo Kojima, to focus on his career as a freelance composer. https://twitter.com/Ludvig_Forssell/status/1377093367327195138 The news came from Forssell himself ...
Kojima Productions Hideo Kojima Death Stranding Anniversary

Kojima Productions will celebrate its 5th anniversary tomorrow, what's new?

Yes, 5 years have passed since the founding of Kojima Productions, the studio managed by the homonymous Hideo Kojima after the scandal that saw him abandon Konami after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The ...

Horizon Zero Dawn, Digital Foundry rejects the PC port

A few hours after the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, the long-awaited analysis by Digital Foundry has arrived, now a real point of reference for the examination of the technical sector ...

Death Stranding, Nvidia corrects some texture issues

Since the recent launch on PC, Death Stranding is experiencing a kind of second youth. on a technical level, the work signed by Hideo Kojima seems to have presented itself with some slight problems. Nvidia, always ready to distribute ...

Death Stranding leads PC sales

Great success for the launch of Death Stranding on PC. The work of Hideo Kojima, published on July 14 in its new version, is in fact regularly at the top of the sales charts on Steam since ...
Death Stranding

Death Stranding, Did Hideo Kojima know about Covid-19? He says he is not a prophet

Hideo Kojima, creator of Death Stranding, replied to those who asked him if he already knew about Covid-19 given the issues addressed in the video game.

Death Stranding PC version - Review

About eight months have passed since the release of Death Stranding on Sony consoles, a fairly short period of time, all in all, except that the whole world was hit by one of the ...

NVIDIA offers free Death Stranding on PC with the purchase of an RTX video card

In the past few hours NVIDIA announced that it has launched a new promotion to celebrate the launch of Death Stranding on PC on July 14th. In fact, starting today, whoever buys a video card ...
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima throws clues on Twitter that seem to be related to Death Stranding

On Twitter Hideo Kojima has published two photos in which there seem to be references to Death Stranding, which suggests a new job on this project.

Kojima: “Death Stranding? It was a success"

Hideo Kojima has somehow silenced the rumors, which had been chasing each other over the past few weeks, that Death Stranding had been a commercial flop and that this had deteriorated the ...

Death Stranding, limited physical edition on sale for PC

In these hours the retail version of Death Stranding has appeared on Amazon.it. This edition will be sold in limited copies. the price is set at € 69,99, but we have no information regarding ...

CD Projekt Red, the next-gen updates for Cyberpunk 2077 and The ...

In the past few hours CD Projekt Red has published a new report for investors regarding the latest financial results of the company, in which however they are ...

Rumor - Will a Half-Life Themed RTS Coming to Steam Deck?

And nothing, here we go again! Let's go back to talking about that monolith that is the Half-Life saga and we do it by recalling the rumor meme ...

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