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Take-Two DLC GTA microtransactions

More than half of Take-Two's earnings come from microtransactions and DLCs

Take-Two has recorded one of the strongest quarters ever, thanks to the recurring consumer spending arising from microtransactions. The parent company of Rockstar and 2K Games has revealed the first quarter earnings of ...
Samurai Showdown, 6 new characters will join the roster

Samurai Showdown, 6 new characters will join the roster

SNK announced Sunday during the development of the 2019 Evolution Championship Series that it will release a new character every month for its Samurai Showdown, until the end of the year. By making a quick calculation we can deduce that ...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, over 80 hours of play

Undoubtedly Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the most anticipated titles of July and in general throughout the summer. During the Japan Expo 2019 the game's director, Toshiyuki Kusakihara, talked about ...
Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - The 16 July releases the final DLC

Ubisoft certainly didn't skimp on the post-launch support of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Weeks after the release of the available story creator thanks to a dev tools, in fact, the software house has confirmed that the third and ...
Fire Emblem Three: Houses Cover

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, game size and DLC

It is now a little over a month before the last chapter of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses saga. In case you are not able to pre-order in time (or simply you are poor like myself) a copy of ...

[E3 Nintendo] Banjo-Kazooie enter the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster

While we imagine poor Waluigi in a corner crying for not being able to enter this time again as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo decides to drop the nostalgic bomb ...

[E3 Devolver Digital] announced The Messenger DLC called "Picnic Panic"

Devolver Digital, during its conference, announced the arrival of "Picnic Panic" a free DLC for The Messenger due to arrive in July 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjmIWMataSI
Days Gone

Days Gone - New free game modes

Good news for all happy Days Gone owners. The title of Sie Bend Studio exclusively for Playstation 4, in short, will consist of some new free game modes. There will be...
Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the third DLC and the Enhanced Edition are coming

Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the third DLC and the Enhanced Edition are coming

The acclaimed Pathfinder: Kingmaker never stops getting rich with new content. The third DLC and the Enhanced Edition have just been announced. We see in the press release that follows the details. Owlcat Games and Deep Silver have ...

Big Block, Tetris 99's first paid DLC

Tetris 99, the Battle Royale version of the best-selling game of all time, has its first paid DLC, Big Block, which features the much-needed offline mode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=30&v=ajs3ENpH4g4 That there were new ways ...

Kingdom Hearts 3 - unveiled the first DLC called ReMind

During the first date of the concert, held in Tokyo, of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres, Square Enix announced an unpublished content for Kingdom Hearts 3. The first paid DLC will be titled ...

Dragonball FighterZ - Goku of Dragonball GT shows itself in a trailer

A short trailer appeared showing the next character coming to Dragonball FighterZ, Goku child directly from the GT series. The trailer mainly shows the attacks and special moves of the ...

One Piece World Seeker - unveiled the contents of the first DLC

Bandai Namco recently unveiled the first DLC of One Piece: World Seeker. According to the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V Jump Magazine, the content will be titled "The Void Mirror Prototype" and will see ...

God of War - The Director expresses his idea about DLCs

Despite the critical and public success, God of War will not have DLC or expansions of any kind, or at least that's what Cory Barlog said in a Tweet. https://twitter.com/corybarlog/status/1117577185798184960 In sharp contrast with today's market, the ...

Resident Evil 2 - A paid DLC allows you to unlock all content

A new paid DLC for Resident Evil 2: Remake allows you to unlock all the items that a player normally should get gradually with one (or more) run. For around 5 euros, you can indeed ...

Jump Force, revealed as the DLC roadmap

Bandai Namco announced the Jump Force DLC series in August. They will include nine characters and the roadmap has now been revealed.

New Super Lucky's Tale announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The guys from Playful Studios have recently announced the arrival of their latest work, New Super Lucky's Tale also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox ...

Trackmania (2020) - Nadeo's title adopts the "freemium" model

Trackmania, the reboot of the famous arcade racing franchise developed by Nadeo and published by Ubisoft, will be released on July 1, 2020. Fans of the series can already ...

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