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E3 2021 2022 IGDA ESA Indie

ESA cancels the next edition for the third time in the presence of E3

With the increase in infections due to COVID-19, the organizers of trade fairs and conferences scheduled for next year are already starting to back down. Among these, even the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has ...

Xbox @ E3 - The official Mini Fridge is a reality

Many had asked for it, they were satisfied. The official Xbox Mini Fridge, the protagonist of most of the end-2020 memes, becomes reality and will arrive on the market at the end of 2021.
Age of Empire IV

Xbox @ E3 - Age of Empires 4 will arrive in October on PC

One of the most loved real-time strategy games is about to return. Age of Empires IV was shown on the Xbox and Bethesda stage at E3 2021 with a trailer. There will be eight ...
Slime rancher 2

Xbox @ E3 - Slime Rancher 2 announced, out in 2022

Slime Rancher is a title that has been very successful among audiences and critics and I must say, after having tried it for a long time, that it is definitely deserved. I loved all the various slimes and ...
Starfield Leak Bethesda Xbox PC

Xbox @ E3 - Starfield, released the first trailer, out November 11, 2022

The Xbox and Bethesda event at E3 2021 gets hot with the first trailer for Starfield, Bethesda's space title. Unfortunately there is no trace of the gameplay, which will certainly be shown later. Clearly,...

Valve will be at E3 with a major announcement regarding Steam

The return of Valve to E3 during the PC Gaming Show is now official and the game of predictions has inevitably taken place among users on what "the important announcement" that the software house will make ...

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new name of Quarantine

It had disappeared from the radar for some time now but it seems to be finally the time for Rainbow Six Extraction. If the name sounds new, this is due to the fact that it ...
Switch Pro

Rumor - Nintendo Switch Pro would be close to the official reveal

According to an indiscretion published by Bloomberg and relaunched by NintendoLife, the official reveal of Nintendo Switch Pro would not be lacking. The new console of the great N could be unveiled in the coming days, even before the conference ...

Xbox and Bethesda announce the date and time of the E3 conference

Through a post signed by Aaron Greenberg on the Xbox blog, the official date and time of the conference that the green brand will hold at E3 together with the newly acquired Bethesda were communicated. The event is scheduled ...
Square Enix Smart Working E3 Leak Presents

Rumor - Square Enix E3 conference leaked?

There are less than 3 weeks to the start of E3 2021 and, as usual, the season of leaks related to the videogame event in Los Angeles seems to have begun. In fact, it seems that the entire presentation of a publisher ...
E3 2021 2022 IGDA ESA Indie

E3 2021 - ESA collaborates with IGDA to give more space to Indie games

E3 has always been considered the fair of the greats, where every year all the greatest exponents of the videogame scene (or almost) communicate to the public the latest news related to their productions. Yet, at ...
Konami E3 2021

Konami gives up on E3 2021: "We are working on some key projects"

Contrary to what was previously announced, the Japanese company Konami will miss the next edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2021). https://twitter.com/E3/status/1388269768537378817? 5Fkonami-pulls-out-of-e7-5-but-insists-it-has-key-projects-in-the-works% 7F According to what was communicated by the company, the renunciation of one of the most important events of the summer videogame is linked to a lack ...
E3 2021 2022 IGDA ESA Indie

E3 2021, the event to be held completely online will be totally free

In the past few hours the organizers of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, have reassured the public that this year the event will be held, albeit online, and that it will also be completely free. https://twitter.com/E3/status/1377696983826059265 Although in fact ...
E3 2021 2022 IGDA ESA Indie

E3 2021, the live event has been canceled

E3 2021 will not be held in the form of a live event. What was rather predictable due to the organizational complications dictated by the pandemic, was confirmed in a document published by Los Angeles ...
E3 2021 ESA Online Fair

E3 2021: ESA is considering the option of an online fair

June 2020 was a month full of conferences and online events, especially due to the cancellation (due to COVID-19) of E3 2020, the then annual exhibition dedicated to the world of video games. Since then, the pandemic has ...

2020: A midsummer night's dream (without E3)

Not to brag, but already during the first days of February I argued that the best way to face this 2020 would be to proceed by inertia until December 31, celebrate the beginning again ...

The Legend of Vox Machina - Review

The story of Critical Role is one of one unlikely success after another. From the living room of an American voice actor to Twitch, to the theater, to ...

Epic Games has given away more than 700 million games in the ...

Here at Parliamo di Videogiochi we like to bring you the latest free offers in the Free is Beautiful section, which in recent years has become ...

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