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Dead Space Remake EA Motive Electronic Arts Cut Content

Could Dead Space Remake include content cut from the original game?

Certainly the most discussed announcement title of the last EA Play belongs to Dead Space Remake, the next-gen technology re-release of the TPS Horror of the Visceral Games classic coming to PS5 and Xbox ...
Electronic Arts Attack Hacker FIFA 21 22

The first data of the recent hacker attack on Electronic Arts begin to leak

As you well remember, last June Electronic Arts was the victim of a new hacker attack, which saw the bad guys fall into possession of 780GB of data, including the source code ...
Ripple Effect Studio DICE Electronic Arts EA

DICE LA changes its name to Ripple Effect Studios

Electronic Arts has announced the birth of a new studio, or rather a reorganization of the Los Angeles branch of DICE. The Californian team, currently supporting the main team with work on Battlefield ...

Codemasters - The CEO leaves the company

There is an air of departures at Codemasters, but not for the reasons you think. In fact, in the last few hours, both CEO Frank Sagnier and CFO Rashid Varachia have formally submitted their resignations, abandoning ...
EA Sponsor Simulmedia Electronic Arts Tencent

EA is investing billions of dollars in mobile games

The future of the video game industry is turning more and more towards mobile. The turnover of smartphone games rivals PCs and consoles and, unlike the latter, is growing exponentially. IT'S AT...

EA suffered a hacker attack. FIFA 21 source code stolen

Yesterday, June 10, a group of hackers broke into Electronic Arts' security systems. According to Vice, the criminals have taken over the source codes ...
Battlefield 2042 DICE EA Electronic Arts Open Beta Cross Play

Battlefield 2042 is the newest chapter in the EA series

It's called Battlefield 2042 and it's the new chapter of the famous franchise published by EA and developed by DICE. The long wait is finally over and has led to a new iteration of the series that ...
Need for Speed ​​Criterion Games Electronic Arts 2022 Battlefield 6 DICE

EA has removed 5 Need for Speed ​​chapters from digital stores

Through a press release published on Reddit by the user Max_Joker, Electronic Arts has announced the removal of the digital versions of five titles related to the Need for Speed ​​series. https://www.reddit.com/r/needforspeed/comments/np6uig/sun_is_setting_on_some_older_nfs_titles_its_not/ Here are the games removed from all stores ...

Knockout City surpasses 2 million players

Departure launched for Knockout City, the so-called "dodgebrawl" by EA which seems to have benefited from a rather original launch strategy. The game is in fact available in free to play mode for the first ...

EA opens a new studio with the former leaders of Monolith Productions

After securing Codemasters, EA continues its purchase campaign by taking home Kevin Stephens, former vice-president of Monolith Productions, who will be assigned a newly formed studio. Stephens, who in the past oversaw ...
Battlefield 6

EA claims that Battlefield 6 will be "a definitive next-gen experience" but will also be released on old-gen

The upcoming Battlefield 6, according to Electronic Arts, will be a showcase that will showcase the potential of next-gen consoles - but it'll work great on next-gen consoles too. EA has thus definitively confirmed ...

The allegations to EA on the loot boxes of FIFA 21

Electronic Arts has again ended up in the center of attention for the microtransactions present in their games. This time the game in question is FIFA 21 and the accusations come from a document leaked to ...

Battlefield prepares to land on mobile in 2022

For months now, the rumors about Battlefield 6 have only intensified. The presentation of the new game in the first-person shooter series may arrive as early as May, but EA and Dice have ...
F1 2021

Officially announced F1 2021, the first title of the saga under Electronic Arts

Codemasters has officially announced the next installment of the annual Formula One franchise, revealing that F1 2021 will arrive on July 16. The new game will be the first to be released since the studio ...

F1 2021, Codemasters shows first trailer and release date

F1 2021 has been officially announced by Codemasters and EA, who have released a very first trailer for the game and set the release date for July 16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrJ8PddAMIw F1 2021 will present all the elements of success ...
Battlefield 6 DICE Electronic Arts

Battlefield 6, possible to reveal in the month of May

Battlefield 6 could be revealed in the coming weeks, more specifically in May. To raise this hypothesis was Jeff Grubb who during a livestream, at a specific question, replied that it will be shown ...

Halo Infinite, some campaign spoilers end up in the Technical Beta

Some spoilers about the Halo Infinite campaign have unintentionally leaked from the current technical Beta of the game. 343 Industries confirmed this ...

Steam Deck, the experience with Steam Machine according to Valve is important

Valve's Steam Deck operation perhaps did not appear exactly as unprecedented in the eyes of many users. Several years ago, in fact, the ...

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