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Fortnite also removed from Android, the lawsuit against Google

Fortnite, after being eliminated from the Apple App Store, also undergoes the same treatment on Android. Yet another lawsuit is underway. After being removed from the App Store due to a proprietary payment system, which ...
Fortnite Apple Epic Games App Store Lawsuit

Fortnite - Epic Games rebels against Apple's policies, war begins

Epic Games is no stranger to coming into conflict with other companies, but this time it may have gone further, rebelling against nothing less than Apple and its in-game purchasing policy. The result?...

Ninjala - Review

In an increasingly saturated market of titles devoted to online multiplayer, it is always nice to see a production that tries to stand out in this area. Despite some post reveal trailer statements, dating back to ...

Fortnite is about to exit early access (finally)

As absurd as it is, Fortnite, the battle royale title that for two consecutive years has been one of the most popular video games in the world and has taken the reins of its own genre in hand, ...
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite silently removed the police cars

Last week, Fortnite players began to notice the disappearance of police cars from the game map. The change, as reported by Kotaku, would have been applied with the arrival of the new ...
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 postponed

As any Fortnite fan should know, waiting for a new Season brings a lot of hype. Between speculation, leaks and official announcements, Epic Games' Battle Royale players are ready to dive again ...

Epic Games collects more than 3000 euros per minute thanks to Fortnite

Fortnite, the free-to-play game that has become very popular for a few years now, is a real source of wealth for Epic Games.

Fortnite will move to Unreal Engine 5 in 2021

Is Fortnite Dying? Although this is a question that many users have asked themselves in the last period, given the appearance of titles that have "stolen" users of Epic Games' Battle Royale, such as Valorant and ...

Fortnite, a trailer shows Kirby and the censorship starts

For those unfamiliar with Nintendo's policies, you should know that the Japanese entertainment company is particularly protective of its characters and even their simple and unexpected use can lead to different ...

Fortnite, the Star Wars skins return to the shop for a limited period

In the past few hours Epic Games has announced the return of the Star Wars loot to the Fortnite shop. The battle royale is in fact preparing to celebrate Star Wars Day in its own way, which ...

Fortnite, Travis Scott's concert will be repeated in the coming days

Astronomical, Travis Scott's concert event last night on Fortnite, was without a shadow of doubt one of the most important events ever on Epic Games' Battle Royale, so much so that ...

Fortnite and Travis Scott present Astronomical

Fortnite and American rapper Travis Scott have announced a collaboration for the ASTRONOMICAL event, which will integrate the world preview of a Scott song into the game, as well as adding exclusive content. TRAVIS SCOTT and CACTUS JACK ...

Several Nintendo users are reporting unauthorized access

Many Nintendo users have reported a series of unauthorized access to their accounts over the weekend. Social media are beginning to spread doubts about the security of personal data entrusted to Nintendo. The twitter user ...

Fortnite has postponed the new season

Fortnite's third season of Chapter 2 was expected to see the light in a couple of weeks, but Epic Games decided to extend the current season instead. Epic has not yet provided a ...

Anyone who blames video games for network congestion is an idiot

This period could be called the period of renunciations. Many of us, students, workers, parents and many others, try to move on with our lives even in the Coronavirus emergency. We give up going out ...

Playing Fortnite with a controller is like using cheats, according to Ninja

Ninja, Fortnite's most popular streamer, said playing the Epic title on a controller is like using an aimbot.

Accel Entertainment, Inc. Announces Completion of Exchange Offer

CHICAGO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Accel Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: ACEL) (the "Company") announced today the completion of its previously announced exchange offer (the "Offer") relating to outstanding warrants ...

Spider-Man Miles Morales, new details on the game's plot

Spider-Man Miles Morales, the PS5 exclusive coming out later this year, is presented in a new image. New details on the title plot revealed. Insomniac Games ...

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