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Cory Balrog: "It takes too long to develop a God of War trilogy"

As we could see in the latest PlayStation Showcase, Santa Monica presented the first trailer for God of War: Ragnarök. In the last few days, the second chapter of the adventures of Kratos & Boy coming to PS4 ...
Sony Santa Monica PlayStation 5 PS5

Santa Monica is looking for a Lead Writer for an unannounced project

Following the announcement of God of War: Ragnarok, Sony Santa Monica is starting preparations for their next project and is looking for new talent in the field of AAA production. https://twitter.com/SonySantaMonica/status/1370148989220220929?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1370148989220220929 of-war-studio-hiring-a-lead-writer-for-its-unannounced-project% 7F According to ...
God of War

God of War updates for the next gen

A month has passed since the release of the next generation consoles. As promised by many software houses, many cross-gen games are updating to adapt their performance to the potential of the new hardware. This time it's up to ...
God of War

Sony Santa Monica is hiring staff for a new title not yet announced

In the past few hours Sony Santa Monica, the studio responsible for the development of God of War Ragnarok, has revealed that it is working on a new project not yet announced. To reveal it was the same study ...
Sony Santa Monica PlayStation 5 PS5

God of War Ragnarok may not be PS5 exclusive

God of War Ragnarok, the highly anticipated title from the adventures of Kratos and Atreus, may not be PS5 exclusive. Cross-gen launch planned? Presented thanks to a very short teaser trailer during the PS5 presentation, the sequel to ...
PlayStation PS Store PS5 Shawn LaydenPS4 PlayStation 4 5 Backward Compatibility Emulation

Are several First-Party PS4 titles getting updates ahead of PS5 launch?

Less than a month after the release of PS5, Sony may have already begun to set in motion preparations for the move to Next-Gen through its First-Party titles for PS4. According to what the user reported ...
God of War

The author of God of War was criticized after praising the Xbox Game Pass

We know, not everyone in the gaming community is a saint and every now and then a simple spark is enough to create an epochal flame. It happened to David Jaffe, the father of the God saga ...
Randy Pitchford Borderlands Thumbnail

God of War director blasts Randy Pitchford

In recent days Gearbox and mainly its CEO Randy Pitchford have been at the center of a controversy regarding the delay in overtime payments of their employees, after months of the release of Borderlands 3. Tra ...
God of War The card game

God of War The Card Game - Review

God of War is the Dark Souls of card games. And no, before you close this article, let me explain this premise in more detail. I'm not saying that this tabletop pastime, ...
Hellblade 2

Epic Games, hired the facial animator of God of War and Hellblade

Epic Games has announced that in the past few hours it has completed the acquisition of Cubic Motion, the company responsible for the facial animation system used for titles such as God of War and Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The two...
Devil's Hunt

Devil's Hunt - Review

Layopi Games is a small but undoubtedly ambitious software house. The indie studio based in Warsaw sets itself objectives that to define "brave" would be an understatement. Not only do they aim for a level ...
God of War

God of War - A fan imagines sketches for a sequel

It seems that God of War fan (and professional game artist) Yong Yi Lee has some interesting ideas for a sequel. However, instead of writing them in a very long and boring post about ...

God of War - The Director expresses his idea about DLC

Despite the success of critics and audiences, God of War will have no DLC or expansions of any kind, or at least that's what Cory Barlog said in a Tweet. https://twitter.com/corybarlog/status/1117577185798184960 In sharp contrast to today's market, the ...

Italian Video Game Awards - let's find out all the winners of the 2019 edition

Yesterday evening the ninth edition of the "Italian Video Game Awards" (better known as the former "Drago D'oro" award) took place in Rome, in the suggestive location of the Roman aquarium, a videogame event by AESVI that ...
God of War

GDC Awards: God of War wins game of the year award, all winners

God of War, the exclusive action game for Playstation 4, won the umpteenth Game of the Year title at the Game Developer Choice Awards.
SXSW Gaming Awards: God of War elected GOTY

SXSW: God of War elected GOTY

God of War was named Game of the Year at the SXSW Gaming Awards, which just took place in Austin, Texas. Another prestigious award for Santa Monica Studio game ...

Tales of Arise - Review

The Tales series has always lived in a weird JRPG limbo. The first title of this Bandai Namco saga ...

Deltarune: the second chapter is free, while the next three will be ...

The highly anticipated second chapter of Deltarune, a direct sequel to Undertale, one of the most loved indies of the last decade, is finally available. Well as well as ...

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