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Fortnite also removed from Android, the lawsuit against Google

Fortnite, after being eliminated from the Apple App Store, also undergoes the same treatment on Android. Yet another lawsuit is underway. After being removed from the App Store due to a proprietary payment system, which ...
Epic Games Store

Epic Games against Apple and Google: "have a monopoly on the mobile market"

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talked about the monopoly that Google and Apple have with their mobile stores, Play Store and App Store respectively.
Google Stadia Connect

Google Stadia Connect - New exclusive titles and features coming soon

Yesterday evening Google released its new Stadia Connect dedicated to Google Stadia, its streaming gaming service. Let's find out the most succulent news together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl8YpMo72VE The first novelty of the mini-conference was the arrival ...
Crayta Google Stadia

Google Stadia - New trailer for the Crayta platform

Google Stadia is preparing to welcome Crayta, a level editor that will allow players and streamers to share their creations in real time with the public. https://youtu.be/kR5oDOiA07Y Announced in the past months and coming soon ...
Google Stadia

Google Stadia, reduced the price of the Premiere Edition

Only two months have passed since Google Stadia, the innovative streaming gaming platform, opened its doors to the public. Despite the lack of permanence on the market, the Premiere Edition has already received ...
Google Stadia Connect

Google Stadia PRO - Here are the free titles of June

The catalog of free titles for Google Stadia PRO members, the subscription service of Google's streaming gaming platform, will see the addition of 5 games starting from June 1st ...

Ubisoft sues Google and Apple for selling a Rainbow clone ...

There are quite a few mobile games that tried their luck by stealing content or characters from other titles. This time, however, the situation precipitated: Ubisoft has in fact sued Google and ...
Google Stadia

Google Stadia - Support for wireless controller on PC is coming soon

One of the most interesting features of Google Stadia is the possibility of using the wireless Pro Controller connected not with the device from which you use the service, but with your own network, to reduce ...
Google Stadia

Google announces a Stadia Connect for April 28th

Google has announced that the next Stadia Connect will be held on April 28th. https://twitter.com/GoogleStadia/status/1253760631896858625 The first Stadia Connect was held almost a year ago when, for the occasion, Google announced the launch of its service ...
Free is Beautiful Google Stadia Thumbnail

Free is Beautiful - Google Stadia Pro

Google takes the field to give its users additional reasons to stay home. Like? Making free (for a limited period of time) the subscription to the Pro Package of its Gaming platform in ...
Google Stadia Makers

Google announces the Stadia Makers project

If the GDC 2020 had taken place, Google would have announced the Stadia Makers project, made official in these hours. The project in question will be a program capable of providing independent developers with all the ...

Chrome, Google suspends updates

Google has made the decision to temporarily suspend updates to its Chrome browser, in order to make the software as stable and functional as possible. The decision also involves updates related to Chrome ...

Pokémon of the Year, the ranking sees some confirmations and surprising new entries

Voting has ended and the Pokémon of the year has been chosen. What will it be? In the ranking some confirmation and some curious news!

Facebook and Google targeted by the US antitrust

The Federal Trade Commission (or FTC, the US competition agency) has announced the launch of investigative procedures against Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google (as well as the parent company Alphabet) and Microsoft. The antitrust agency has ...

YouTube made $ 15 billion in 2019

For the first time, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has revealed YouTube revenues from advertising. The figures are contained in the 2019 earnings report. The total figure is ...

Google spent millions on bug bounties in 2019

The bug bounty is a very common practice among software companies that consists of paying professionals, whether they are single white hackers or specialized companies, to find bugs in their programs and report them. A...

Accel Entertainment, Inc. Announces Completion of Exchange Offer

CHICAGO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Accel Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: ACEL) (the "Company") announced today the completion of its previously announced exchange offer (the "Offer") relating to outstanding warrants ...

Spider-Man Miles Morales, new details on the game's plot

Spider-Man Miles Morales, the PS5 exclusive coming out later this year, is presented in a new image. New details on the title plot revealed. Insomniac Games ...

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