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GWENT, announced the Closed Beta on Android

CD Projekt RED has announced the arrival of the Closed Beta on Android for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. The pre-registrations on the Play Store are already open and players will be able to access the Closed Beta starting ...

GWENT coming to Android, open pre-registrations

CD Projekt Red has just announced the arrival of GWENT, the card game themed The Witcher, on Android devices. Currently the game is already available on iOS, as well as on PC. At the same time the developers ...

GWENT Iron Judgment - Review

Three months after the last content drop, comes Iron Judgment, the new expansion for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. This release fully confirmed how the developers got the momentum and ...

GWENT Novigrad - Review

05 / 07 / 19 update: With the 3.0.1 version the most used and most problematic cards have been rewritten to bring them back in line with the power level of the other factions. The bugs mentioned in ... have also been fixed.

Free is nice - The Witcher

I don't think it's the first time that the first chapter of The Witcher has been offered for free on the net, but who are we to not spread the word? The first The Witcher ...

GWENT Crimson Curse - Review

Four long years have passed since GWENT debuted as a minigame in the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, and after pressing requests from fans in love it became a full-fledged CCG.

Gwent: Crimson Curse is the first announced expansion

Anyone who has played The Witcher 3 cannot help but know the Gwent, the card game that could be enjoyed between each mission in every city and inn. CD Projekt ...

Thronebreaker is selling less than expected

Thronebreaker, Gwent's recently released single player expansion, is not selling what CD Projekt Red developer was hoping for and part of the problem may lie in the store chosen for publication. The expansion, which builds a ...

Here is 37 minutes of gameplay of Thronebreaker

Thronebreaker has come a long way since it was simply thought of as the single player campaign of GWENT, the video game by CD Projekt Red that reproduces the most popular card game in the setting of The ...

Gwent, the spin off of The Witcher III, will soon have a spin off called Thronebreaker

Today, during the discussion on financial results, CD Projekt Red announced that Gwent's single player campaign will turn into a separate game called Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. The Witcher 3 is ...

Free is nice: GWENT Card Keg & The Witcher

Hands up who doesn't know The Witcher. Well, those who raised it can also go out and change sites. For the remaining part (which I hope is the 99,9% of those who read us), today we have ...

The final release of GWENT will arrive in October, with significant changes

GWENT, the CD Projekt Red video game that plays the most popular card game in the setting of The Witcher, has been as successful as many obstacles and unforeseen events so far. If the multiplayer part of the video game ...

GWENT unveils 20 of the new 100 cards arriving with the December Midwinter Update

During a livestream on Twitch, the CD Projekt Red dev revealed twenty new cards coming to GWENT in December, as part of the Midwinter Update. GWENT was originally a game ...

GWENT's single player campaign, Thronebreaker, is postponed to 2018

GWENT, the CD Projekt Red video game that reproduces the most popular card game in the setting of The Witcher, has so far been entirely dedicated to multiplayer. Things will change with the arrival of Thronebreaker, which ...
Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent Closed Beta: First impressions

The Gwent Closed Beta finally projects us into the action. Starting the 25 October, only the (not exaggeratedly) lucky ones who will receive the key will be able to access it. We are among them (27 has arrived) and, ...

Gwent: Here's the first stress test

As the title suggests, CD Projekt Red announced the first stress test that will take place today 23 and the 27 of September. As specified by them, the intention is to test once for ...

Pokémon Sword and Shield, permanent ban for those who disconnect

In the last few days, if you have followed the latest news, an exploit has been discovered on Pokémon Sword and Shield that is gradually ruining the ...

Animal Crossing New Horizons mentions Bartolo, will the cafeteria return?

Unless it's just a simple easter egg from Nintendo, Animal Crossing New Horizons characters are lately ...

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