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Humble Bundle Racial Justice Bundle

Humble Bundle - The Racial Justice Bundle arrives

After the mega bundle of 700+ games organized by Itch.io, Humble Bundle also shows support for the protests organized by the #BlackLivesMatter movement with a bundle full of interesting titles. With a minimum donation of 28 euros, ...

Free is beautiful - Snake Pass

On the Humble Store you can redeem Snake Pass for free, a very fun puzzle adventure, on your Steam account.

Free is Beautiful - Aegis Defenders

Humble Bundle has made Aegis Defenders available for free. https://youtu.be/lQdsTqHBIlQ It is a title developed by GUTS Department that contaminates the classic action-adventure with elements from other genres such as 2D platforming, Metroidvania-style combat ...
Free is Bello Ashes of Singularity Esclation

Free is Beautiful - Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Come, gentlemen, come. Humble Bundle is pleased to announce a new free giveaway. The title offered today is Ashes of Singularity: Stardock's Escalation. In this strategic title the human race is at the height of its ...
Free is Bello Manual Samuel

Free is Beautiful - Manual Samuel

Remember Manny Calavera, the protagonist of Grim Fandango? Well, now imagine it with a contemporary style and with a good raga humor. The result? Manual Samuel, the latest title made available for free by the Humble Bundle. In this...

Humble Bundle fights the Coronavirus with a mammoth bundle

In these times of crisis, a little glimmer of hope can also come from us players. Humble Bundle has always been a supporter of this philosophy and is now more than ever ready to take the field ...

Temtem will increase in price as development progresses

Temtem, a new PC MMO clearly inspired by Pokémon, has just been released in Early Access on Steam. The game, which costs 31 euros, allows you to capture, train and fight your own Temtem ...

Temtem, the new trailer shows the social elements of the game

Temtem, the game that allows us to capture and fight in a similar way to Pokémon, comes with a trailer that shows the social features. Who among you hasn't heard of Temtem? The...

Free is beautiful - Endless Space Collection

Golden age for free games. As if the tempting proposals of the Epic Games Store were not enough, Humble Bundle also returns to the charge, giving away for a limited time the Endless Space Collection. The game...
Free is Bello Jalopy

Free is Beautiful - Jalopy

It is never too late to grab a free game, this time on the Humble Bundle. For our Free is Beautiful column we recommend Jalopy, a very particular title both for its aesthetics ...
Free is Bello - Age of Wonders 3

Free is Beautiful - Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords is available for free download today on Humble Bundle. Released in 2014 11 years after the previous chapter, Age of Wonders III is an RTS that ...
Free is Bello - Gone Home

Free is Beautiful - Gone Home

Another little gem to add to your game library for free. Today for the Free is Beautiful section we point out that on Humble Bundle you can download Gone Home for free. You don't need any ...
Humble Hot Date Bundle

The Humble Hot Date Bundle arrives with many dating sims and more

Are you passionate about dating sim and not only? Then this is the bundle for you. With Humble Hot Date Bundle you can fill up on dating sim!

Free is nice: GRID 2

Come "siori" come, we have FREE stuff to show you. On Humble Bundle it is possible to have a free copy of GRID 2, a driving simulator with a few years on its shoulders, but still valid. The offer, as always, ...

Free is beautiful: Deponia: The Complete Journey

The time to scrounge is back! Sure, we're not talking about champagne and caviar, but a free game is always a free game. This time the gift is Humble Bundle, ...

Free it's beautiful! Lego: The Hobbit on Humble Bundle

For the next two days, the Humble Store will be giving Lego: The Hobbit to everyone who signs up for the Humble Bundle newsletter. It's easy. Just go to the following link, click "Get The Game". One time...

Sony: "We expect Microsoft to respect contractual agreements"

The echo of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has not yet subsided and inevitably the very first responses have also arrived from ...

According to Take-Two CEO, the release of the GTA Trilogy: Definitive ...

It doesn't matter that the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition has aroused several controversies since its launch a few months ago, including disastrous reconstructions carried out ...

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