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STALKER 2, mutants won't be the only danger

The developers of STALKER 2 commented on the in-engine trailer released several weeks ago, adding some really interesting details that could give the idea of ​​what could become another cult of the genre. There...
indiana jones bethesda

Bethesda working on an Indiana Jones game

Bethesda has made it known, through its official social channels, that it has entrusted the work for a new title dedicated to Indiana Jones to Machine Games. https://twitter.com/bethesda/status/1349023307228704770 The revelation was carried out through the publication of ...
Microsoft Xbox Series X PlayStation 5

Microsoft wants your opinion on Xbox Series X

Microsoft is looking for suggestions on how to improve the gaming experience on Xbox Series X and is doing so via a new survey sent to some players recently. The questionnaire starts with some simple ...
Halo 5 Microsoft Xbox Series X

Halo, begins the last year of support for Xbox 360 titles

After the beauty of eight years since the last chapter released on Xbox 360, Microsoft announces the end of the support of online services for the titles of the Halo series available on the former flagship. So the count begins ...
Among Us

Among Us, released on Xbox scheduled for 2021

Among Us is having a lot of success on all the platforms for which it is available, namely PC, mobile and Nintendo Switch, but soon the title of Innersloth will also arrive on the Xbox consoles. It has in fact been confirmed ...

EA Play will arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC in 2021

EA Play, after arriving within the Xbox Game Pass for console, will also make its landing on the PC version, but later than previously expected. Microsoft has indeed communicated with a ...
Project xCloud Xbox

xCloud will arrive on PC and iOS in Spring 2021

xCloud expands and arrives on new platforms: Microsoft has announced that its streaming game service will arrive on PC and iOS in Spring 2021. The confirmation came directly on the site ...
Halo Infinite Battle Royale 343 Industries

Halo Infinite will arrive in Fall 2021

After the postponement of Halo Infinite, the latest installment in the shooter series from Bungie and 343 Industries, fans began to wonder when the new release date would be announced. Well, in the night the new ...
Smash.gg Microsoft Fighting Super Smash Bros.

Microsoft buys the Smash.gg platform

The platform of export tournaments dedicated to the world of fighting, Smash.gg, has announced its total acquisition by Microsoft, thus becoming part of the Xbox division within the Redmond company. Opened in 2015 with headquarters in San Francisco, the ...
Xbox Scarlett Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer: "Xbox Series X production started late"

In a long interview granted to The Verge, Phil Spencer has revealed some background on the marketing of the Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as some strategies planned for the future. The...
Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator updates the USA

Flight Simulator in addition to being one of the video games best received by audiences and critics of this 2020, it is also a small masterpiece of technology. Although Asobo's work was masterful, the space ...
Project xCloud Xbox

xCloud for PC shows itself in a first video

xCloud, Microsoft's streaming game platform, has been available for a few months on mobile devices and the subscription to the same is included within the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The house project ...

Deathloop, announced the new launch date

Deathloop was one of those stocks hit by compulsive postponement over the current year. The guys from Arkane Studios, however, have finally revealed the launch date. The title, conceived and developed by the creators ...

Phil Spencer curbs rumors of Microsoft's Japanese acquisitions

Phil Spencer, who in addition to managing the Xbox division of Microsoft also seems to be the key figure relating to public relations, has put a decisive halt on the rumors that the US company was ready to ...

Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft's next-gen begins today

The fateful November 10 has arrived and from today the world of gaming consoles has officially entered its new generation. To open the dance is Microsoft with the official release of Xbox Series X ...

PS5, next-gen titles cannot be transferred to external memory

In recent weeks, the discussion on the storage space available in next generation consoles has been the subject of discussion. If for Xbox Series X it's 802GB on 1TB of nominal memory, on PS5 ...

For Team Ninja, Nioh 3 is not a priority

On the occasion of the launch of Nioh Remastered and Nioh 2 Complete Edition, the producer of Nioh, the souls-like series developed by Team Ninja, has ...

Kingdoms Of Amalur Re-Reckoning announced for Nintendo Switch

After landing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is preparing to arrive also on the small screen of Nintendo Switch. The announces ...

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