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OLED switch

Nintendo denies that it will make more money with the Switch OLED

Nintendo has published a statement in which it specifies that it will not have greater profit margins from the new version of the Switch. The Kyoto company was forced to specify this detail due to ...

Nintendo announces Switch OLED

The long-awaited news has finally arrived. The great absentee of the Nintendo conference in June comes a few weeks late. The new version of Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, will be available from 8 October ...
Donkey Kong Super Nintendo World Switch

Rumor - Nintendo ready to relaunch Donkey Kong?

According to the statements of the insider Zippo, a source that in the past guessed the arrival of the Super Mario 3D All Stars compilation, Nintendo would be ready to transform Donkey Kong into a multimedia franchise, with the arrival of 3 ...
Miami Hotline Video Game Lab

A level of Hotline Miami has been recreated with Video Game Lab

Hotline Miami is available on Nintendo Switch, approx. If you want to play the very particular title of Dennaton Games you can do it thanks to the user yeddow333 who, using the new Nintendo game creation suite, Laboratory ...
Bayonetta 3 Platinum Games

Bayonetta 3 - According to Nintendo "Development is progressing well"

Although in the last Nintendo Direct dedicated to E3 2021 the Japanese company has bombarded its users on the latest updates related to franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Advance Wars, WarioWare and Shin Megami Tensei V, ...
E3 2021

E3 2021, the complete program published

Edit: Here is a handy list with the conference times: SATURDAY 12 JUNE Ubisoft Forward at 21:00 Devolver Digital at 22:30 Gearbox Showcase at 23:00 SUNDAY 13 JUNE Naraka Bladepoint at 18:30 Xbox and Bethesda at 19 Square Enix at 21pm Warner Bros. at ...

New Nintendo Switch Pro appears on Amazon Mexico

New Nintendo Switch Pro, this is the current name of the revision of the Nintendo hybrid console, appears on Amazon Mexico. Upcoming announcement? It has been talked about for at least a year, but the Kyoto House has never wanted ...
Switch Pro

Switch Pro will arrive in September and will replace the previous version

Nintendo is ready to announce the improved version of the Switch. The new console will replace the current version, thus becoming the new standard for Nintendo hardware. Both Bloomberg and Eurogamer agree, citing inside sources, that the launch of ...

Valve is working on its own portable console

Valve would be working on another attempt to set foot in the hardware market. After Steam Machine, a project that did not have much luck, the creators of Steam will try to compete with Switch. The news...
Wii U DVD RAM Burn

Can Nintendo Wii U Burn DVDs? Yes, but not really

In recent days, the YouTube channel Will it Work? has released a video that, at first glance, could show a secret functionality of Nintendo Wii U, the ill-fated console of Nintendo released in 2012. This functionality would allow ...
Mario Golf Super Rush Nintendo Switch

Mario Golf: Super Rush - New trailer released

Mario Golf: Super Rush is in the home straight. The new chapter of the sports series dedicated to the mustachioed plumber will arrive on Nintendo Switch on 25 June 2021. Yesterday, a new trailer was released ...

Metroid, a new 2D title is ready to be announced?

Metroid may be coming to Nintendo Switch shortly, but not with the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4. A 2D title would be pretty much ready. Although there has been no news about Prime 4 for some time now, ...
Super Mario Dynasty Warriors Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo would like to develop a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Super Mario

In recent years Koei Tecmo has expanded its stock not only with new titles from its most famous brands (Dead or Alive, Dynasty Warriors to name a few), but has also developed crossover titles on ...
Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure, studies confirm that it reduces pain resulting from low back pain

Last year, during the onset of the pandemic, Nintendo released Ring Fit Adventure, a Nintendo Switch title that helps users keep moving. The combination of physical activity and monster fights, all ...

Mario Kart 9 to be released in early 2022?

Mario Kart 9, according to a well-known leaker, could arrive in the first months of 2022. Let's find out in detail this rumor. Mario Kart 8 was a huge success, especially in its Deluxe form for Nintendo Switch, ...

Can Switch become a problem for Nintendo?

Nintendo is having a great time. Since the release of Switch, the company seems to have regained a place among the big names in video games, after the misstep of WiiU. The figures published in the latest annual report seem ...

Elyon, second Closed Beta announced

Rather rich period for all MMORPG fans: with the New World Beta still in progress and the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated Lost Ark, ...

Pokémon, the Netflix live action series coming?

The Pokémon world may soon have its own Netflix live action series. What do we know for now? As reported by Variety, Netflix would be at ...

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