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Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood - Review

INTRODUCTION Wolfenstein is, without any doubt, one of my favorite sagas of all time. You want it because it's the shooter par excellence, you want it because it's part of the video game story, you want it because it's the perfect simulator of ...
Apex Legends

Is Apex Legends better than Fortnite? Definitely yes - Review

Apex Legends has literally dug out and has certainly become the topic of the moment. A few days ago our vate, Fraws, also published his videorecensione on Youtube, describing its strengths while still maintaining ...

PDV turns off another candle. The story continues…

Here we are. Also for this year the moment has arrived. The 6 January of the 2016 the PDV site re-opened its doors for the third time, with a new formation and new goals. Today,...


I know I know. With such a title the claims are high and lends itself easily to criticism and various flames. I have tried, I swear, to find different solutions: not ...
Comic Con

Solidarity with Comic Con, Tripoli, assaulted by Islamic extremists

I didn't know what cut to give to the article. I was undecided whether to make it a vent worthy of the Smerigliamento, or whether to make it an opportunity for a lucid analysis that, rather than a polemic against the attackers, was in solidarity with the victims ....

PlayStation Plus: the other bell

The argument of the increase in the cost of the PS + service is still hot, and the topic actually turned the minds on the editorial staff. The situation described by Giuseppe in the article "Console: Is it fair to pay for online services?" ...

TG4 or: When ignorance can manipulate information Editorial

The 19 Maggio TG4 decides to broadcast the usual anti-ISIS service, documenting the arrest of two Tunisian brothers who were respectively in Foggia (and not Bari, who otherwise Fraws ...

The "Talk of Video Games" prize goes to ... / Svilupparty Day 02

After a great first day, here we are at the second and last chapter of this Svilupparty! The exhibited and playable projects have changed and so we had to try them again almost everybody. Like the previous day, the ...

We talk about video games at Svilupparty / Day 01

Bologna here we are! After meeting at Central Station with Fraws, Let's Talk about Video Games, it's finally ready to land at Svilupparty! Arrived at the fair towards the 11, we immediately begin our patrol! Let's start, since ...

Polybius: Jeff Minter gives life to the legend!

Just a man with eclectic flair like Jeff Minter could think of launching a title based on the urban Polybius legend. The title is in fact that of the psycho-psychic arcade of the 1981 which, precisely because of ...

At the Svilupparty in Bologna comes the prize "Let's Talk about Video Games"

As you well know, we always try to bring "counter-trend" but quality content, concerning products and / or particular topics but always of quality. We always give, also and above all with the figure of Fraws, support to ...

A day at Let's Play

On Sunday we also went to Let's Play, an event promoted by the capital in collaboration with AESVI (Association of Italian Developers and Video Game Publishers) where there were about 30000 square meters of video games waiting for us in all ...

Let's Talk About Video Games: Another Year of History

Finally here we are. Today, exactly one year ago, this site renewed its training to make a decisive change to the project. The Oculus was just announced, Call of Salveenee started crowfunding and we opened ...

HITMAN: First Elusive Target

The Elusive Targets are part of the live content that are published for HITMAN between the releases of the various episodes and represent new game modes for the players. The Elusive Targets are strategically positioned ...

Ubitroll and the decline of a software house

As anticipated in my previous article, my initial intention was to show why Ubisoft proved to be more than once mediocre in the Collector's Edition. Then, thinking it over, I realized ...

SEGA, is the new announcement related to VR?

On Twitter in the last few hours the rumor that SEGA's new big announcement is related to something related to VR has appeared.

Skelattack - Review

For a fantasy enthusiast, venture into a dungeon full of monsters and dangerous creatures in search of gold, artifacts or other types of wealth ...

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