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Xbox Series X and S won't be Microsoft's latest consoles

Xbox Series X and Series S won't be Microsoft's latest consoles, Phil Spencer himself confirms. What can we expect in the future? Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft confirmed willingness ...

Bethesda, future titles will be on PC and Xbox

Today the gaming world was shaken by a real earthquake given by the news of the mammoth acquisition of ZeniMax by Microsoft, with the consequent entry of Bethesda and studies ...
Xbox Scarlett Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer: “Consoles aren't the stars of the show. It's the Xbox ecosystem "

November 10th will be the day of the next-gen Xbox branded, with Series X and Series S finally coming to market. Two consoles called to revive the fortunes of the brand, after an era One ...

Xbox Series X and S, a leak shows the entire original presentation

The entire Xbox Series X | S Press Briefing appeared online in a leak posted on Twitter by a user. This shows part of what was probably Microsoft's original plan before ...

Phil Spencer praises Nintendo: "they have the best first party games"

Phil Spencer, guest on a broadcast within Animal Crossing, talked about Nintendo and its importance in the videogame market.
Phil Spencer Xbox Series X Next Gen

Xbox Series X - A new event coming up in August?

Phil Spencer throws more fuel on the fire of Xbox Series X after the last Xbox Games Showcase and its not really positive feedback with the public. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBbFpPOhrY4 In the last episode of the Podcast managed by YouTuber iJustine, the ...

Xbox Games Showcase: The Microsoft event dedicated to the Next-Gen

Among a thousand doubts, uncertainties and a good load of mysteries still to be revealed, the next-gen is getting closer: Sony and Microsoft have started to show their cards with events dedicated to technical specifications, ...
Phil Spencer Xbox Series X Next Gen

Microsoft and Japanese software house: with Xbox Series X things will change

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, spoke of the relationship with the Japanese software houses thanks to Xbox Series X.
Xbox Scarlett Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer: "I was happy after the PS5 event"

In a long interview with New York Times reporter Seth Schiesel, Phil Spencer talked about Microsoft's approach to the next-gen and in particular about his reaction to the PS5 presentation event. "I have seen...
Phil Spencer

Microsoft with Xbox Series X will focus on players and not on hardware

Phil Spencer, interviewed with the BBC, spoke about the launch of the Xbox Series X and how Microsoft's strategy will be based on the period we are experiencing.
Phil Spencer Xbox Series X Next Gen

Xbox Series X - "It will take some time before we see the real Next-Gen"

Like any next-gen, the first years of a new console will have the same feeling as the previous one, both in terms of performance and graphics. According to Phil Spencer, Xbox Series X is also no exception. During...

Xbox Series X, some launch titles may be delayed

Phil Spencer has returned to talk about the Xbox Series X, giving both good and bad news. The good news is that the launch of the console is still scheduled for late 2020 and, despite the pandemic of ...

Xbox Series X, the presentation of the games is very close

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, has announced that the presentation of the Xbox Series X games will be arriving very soon.
Xbox Series X

Microsoft will focus on an All-Access system with Xbox Series X

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, spoke about the price of the Xbox Series X and the willingness to offer an All-Access package.
Xbox Series X

XBox Series X will not have many games at launch, Microsoft prefers a studied calendaring

Phil Spencer talked about the launch of the Xbox Series X and the number of games that will be available on day one with the console.

Phil Spencer: "The cancellation of Scalebound was the lowest point"

Scalebound was supposed to be a great Xbox exclusive, but the title developed by Platinum Games was canceled in 2017. Recent rumors have spoken of a possible restart of the project but Phil Spencer in ...

Is the Party Over? Video Streaming Services Need to Focus on ...

Costs Became Top Concern During COVID-19; Viewer Engagement and Live Streaming at Scale Drive InnovationSAN FRANCISCO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - # CostReduction - Is the party over for video streaming companies? ...

EA SPORTS Celebrates FIFA 21 World Premiere With Music Performances and ...

FIFA 21 Kicks Off With a Bombastic, Can't-Miss Barrage of All Things FIFA on October 1Celebrate the World's Game With Global Virtual Concerts, Vanity ...

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