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Playstation 5, new event on June 4th

Con un tweet sul suo profilo ufficiale, accompagnato da un post sul blog Playstation, Sony ha annunciato un nuovo evento dedicato al lancio di Playstation 5. https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1266384121460191234 L'evento dovrebbe essere dedicato alla presentazione di alcuni titoli...

The PlayStation Blog updates, is the announcement of PlayStation 5 really close?

Ormai i rumor sulla presentazione di PlayStation 5 si fanno sempre più insistenti, con gli ultimi che vogliono il reveal già il 3 giugno, tra pochissimi giorni. Si parla di sole voci, eppure un...

Rumor: PlayStation 5, reveal on June 3rd?

Multiple sources are giving voice to a rumor that the PlayStation 5 presentation scheduled for June 3 would like. In fact, it seems that a big Sony event is coming that would concern the games ...

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Jak and Daxter, soon the remakes on PS5?

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Jak and Daxter, after years of waiting, could be ready to return thanks to the arrival of PlayStation 5. According to an anonymous source, Bluepoint Games (the study behind the remake ...

Unreal Engine 5 will be "fully supported by both PS5 and Xbox Series X"

It has been recently confirmed that Unreal Engine 5's Nanite and Lumen technologies will both be supported by Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. This was easily predictable news, but now it is ...

Unreal Engine 5 - Here is the first Tech Demo on PlayStation 5

A few days ago, we told you about the latest update of the Unreal Engine 4 and its integration into the next-gen consoles. A few hours ago, Epic Games surprised everyone with the announcement of the new version of its engine ...

Playstation 5, Sony confirms release by 2020

Sony has confirmed that, despite some complications due to Coronavirus, the launch of Playstation 5 is still scheduled for late 2020. In the margins of the presentation of the financial data for 2019, Sony has specified that ...
PlayStation 5 Xbox Series x

Console War, according to Peter Moore PlayStation 5 will cost more

In the period before the arrival of a new console generation, many like to improvise market analysts, but what to speak is Peter Moore (former executive of SEGA, Microsoft, EA Sport and current CEO of the ...

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 unveiled from Official PlayStation Magazine preview?

On Twitter, what should be the cover of Official PlayStation Magazine has been published, with references to the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, according to Frogwares will not guarantee 60fps

Sergey Oganesyan of Frogwares spoke of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, declaring himself doubtful about the possibility of having 60fps as standard.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2, according to some rumors, will arrive on PlayStation 5 with a huge world ...

Some rumors would indicate Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as part of a trilogy, with the second chapter coming out on PS5, a huge and co-op world.

Silent Hill, the reveal during the presentation of PlayStation 5?

Silent Hill, the well-known horror series by Konami, could return to the game scene during the presentation of PlayStation 5. After the cancellation of PT / Silent Hills, the ambitious horror of Hideo Kojima, the rumors about a ...
DualSense PlayStation 5

PS5 DualSense with biometric data collection? For the CEO of Tequila ...

Raúl Rubio, the CEO of the Tequila Works team, talked about the PlayStation 5 DualSense, talking about the possible biometric data detection function.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2, a leak talks about history, characters and gameplay

Some information from Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has appeared on the web regarding the story, characters and gameplay of the presumed new PlayStation 5 exclusive.
DualSense PlayStation 5

Playstation 5, limited production in the first year

The production of Playstation 5 during its first year of life will be "limited", but not because of the Coronavirus. According to Bloomberg, Sony will produce fewer units than its new console compared to ...

Observer, a remastered for next-gen announced

After the reveal of the official controller of Playstation 5, comes what is basically the first announcement of a remastered for the next generation of consoles: it is Observer. With a tweet published on ...

Playstation 5, new event on June 4th

With a tweet on its official profile, accompanied by a post on the Playstation blog, Sony has announced a new event dedicated to the launch of ...

Kojima: “Death Stranding? It was a success"

Hideo Kojima has somehow silenced the rumors that had been chasing each other over the past few weeks that Death Stranding was ...

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