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Sony PS5 PlayStation First Party

PlayStation: "Sony has more than twenty PS5 titles in development"

Although PlayStation 5 continues to be unavailable for most players, Sony seems to be willing to push more and more on the first party software park of its new console. In a recent interview with ...

Epic vs Apple: all the revelations of the process just started

The lawsuit arising from the dispute between Apple and Epic is turning into a privileged window on the world of the videogame industry. The armies of lawyers hired by the two multinationals have published emails, calls and ...

PS5, limited stocks also for 2022

During a private conference, Sony explained to reporters that the PS5 stock shortage could last well into 2022. Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki explained that this problem, ...

PlayStation begins a partnership with Discord

Through a press release on the official Sony Interactive Entertainment blog, the start of a partnership between PlayStation and Discord has been made official. https://twitter.com/discord/status/1389324067220586499 The deal was born after an investment by Sony in the voice-chat platform for players, and ...

Returnal, Housemarque takes note of player complaints about bailouts

Returnal has been published a few days ago, proving to be a solid and interesting product from many points of view while not remaining free from defects. One in particular proved to be quite annoying for ...
Returnal PS5 PlayStation 5 Sony Housemarque

Returnal - Housemarque thanks Sony for the support

Returnal, the roguelike shooter developed by Housemarque, has finally arrived on PlayStation 5 in digital version and on the shelves. For the occasion, the founder and CEO of the software house Ilari Kuittinen wrote a ...
Sony PS5 PlayStation First Party

Sony will "aggressively" focus on first-party titles

The launch of the PlayStation 5 was a worldwide success, which eclipsed that of the PS4 and put a strain on the production capacity of the Japanese company. In the wake of these results, the CFO of ...
PlayStation 5 PS5 Design

PS5 is a hit: better launch than PS4

PS5 had an extraordinary launch according to Sony's latest financial reports. The new console of the Japanese company was sold in 4.5 million units in the last quarter of 2020, with more ...

Lost Soul Aside, the new gameplay video shows the potential of the title

Lost Soul Aside, a Chinese hack & slash title, is shown in 17 minutes of gameplay video. New PS5 exclusive? Developer Yang Bing in 2016 presented Lost Souls Aside, an action project ...

Godfall, the PEGI also records a version for PlayStation 4

In the past few hours, the PEGI (Pan European Game Information), the European authority that deals with the rating of video games in our continent, has officially registered a PlayStation 4 version of Godfall, the action available since last ...
PlayStation Now Borderlands 3 Marvel's Avengers Sony Streaming

PlayStation Now, from this week it will be possible to play in games even at 1080p

In the past few hours Sony announced via a tweet on the official PlayStation account that the subscription service of the Japanese company, the PlayStation Now, which allows you to stream and download titles from a catalog of over ...
PlayStation PS Plus Video Pass Sony

Sony begins testing the PlayStation Plus Video Pass service

Yesterday, images related to a new service for PlayStation Plus subscribers were leaked (via Sony's official channels). This service, called PS Plus Video Pass would offer ...

Sony has patented an artificial intelligence that can play video games like a person

Sony has filed a patent to develop an artificial intelligence that can learn a person's style of play and then copy it, playing the video game instead of the human. Just in the days when the Commission ...

Sony and the (little) desire to bet: Bloomberg's article shakes the web

"This is the story of a very distant time, the time of myths and legends. The ancient gods of the gaming industry were in turmoil, times when Sony believed in generations and Microsoft did not have ...

Sony backtracks: the PS3 and PSVITA stores remain open

The PS3 and PSVITA stores will remain open and will not close their doors this year, as originally planned. To officially communicate Sony's turnaround was Jim Ryan himself with a blog post ...
Genshin Impact Mihoyo Hong Kong Taiwan

Genshin Impact on PS5 has a release date

That Genshin Impact would also arrive on PS5 was certainly not a mystery, since it was the same Sony and miHoYo to confirm it. But now the release date has also arrived ...

Australia has removed the Disco Elysium ban

As you may recall, a few months ago the role-playing game Disco Elysium was censored by the Australian government classification council, limiting the sale of the ...

Ghostrunner 2 has been officially announced

505 Games has officially announced Ghostrunner 2, a sequel to the title made by One More Level. Ghostrunner is a first person action set in a ...

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