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Twitch, new tools to ban toxic users

We all know, the internet can be a wonderful place for some, as much as a real hell for others. Twitch is no exception and the cases of streamers invaded by toxic and rude users ...
GDC 2020 Thumbnail

GDC 2020: Announced a series of livestreams on Twitch

The Coronavirus emergency has brought and is currently bringing many inconveniences not only to hospitals and shops, but also in our sector. After the announcement, two weeks ago, of the postponement of the GDC 2020 to a date to be set, ...

TwitchCon Amsterdam has been canceled

The European edition of the conference of the world's largest video game streaming platform, TwitchCon Amsterdam, also had to surrender to Coronavirus. With a statement on the official website, Twitch informed that the event that was supposed to ...
Twitch streamer with gun

Player shoots the monitor: Twitch suspends it

The terms of service of the Twitch streaming platform have always been the point of reference for each streamer as regards the discipline and attitude to be used in respect of its followers. Yesterday...

Tekken 7 exceeds 5 million copies sold

The success of Tekken 7, the last chapter of the Bandai Namco series history does not seem to stop even after 3 years from its arrival on console. Arrived at the third season pass which saw the introduction of ...

Projekt Melody: Virtual idols also invade Chaturbate

The phenomenon of virtual Idols does not seem to stop. Started in 2007 with Hatsune Miku, the phenomenon in recent years has started to embrace other platforms such as Youtube (Kizuna AI, for example, if we wanted to mention ...

Mixer paid Ninja between $ 20 and $ 30 million

In August 2019 the well-known streamer Tyler Blevins (known as Ninja) signed an exclusive contract with Mixer, leaving Twitch and bringing his huge audience with him. It was clear that Microsoft had paid ...

Find the game created 25 years earlier through the video of a streamer

Rick Bewster is the creator of a free image editing tool, Paint.NET. But, back in 1994, he was an early video game developer. One of these, made when he was only 12 ...

Programmer loses the game created as a child, but someone shows it on Twitch

You know, when you start to follow the game esign, for study or personal interest, at some point we will start wanting to produce our project. The story you will read is a programmer ...

League of Legends recovers from Fortnite the most viewed game throne on ...

League of Legends is now more than just a video game, and although many users have a relationship of hate and love with the title, Riot Games' MOBA has become a real ...

Twitch, pro player suspended for streaming with a user banned for life

The Fortnite Clix pro player was suspended by Twitch for streaming in the company of a user previously banned for life from the platform.
Shadowgun War Games

Shadowgun War Games - Direct Twitch

At Madfinger Games they are preparing for the launch of their new title Shadowgun War Games and to do so they are organizing a stream next Friday 15 November to show the world the first ...

Big changes in Twitch, Doug Scott is the company's new CMO

A few weeks after the renewal of the logo, branding and functionality carried out by Twitch comes the news of an important change for the streaming platform also in the upper floors of the management, where from now ...

Ninja explains the reasons that led him to switch from Twitch to Mixer

Ninja's manager and wife explained the reasons that led the famous Ninja streamer to abandon Twitch in favor of Mixer.

Logitech purchases Streamlabs

Logitech has decided to buy the company dedicated to Streamlabs streaming tools and software for 89 million dollars. Founded in the 2014, Streamlabs has always been one of the companies it has supplied to ...

TwitchCon 2020, this is where and when the event will take place

Twitch has already announced the dates and cities where the TwitchCon 2020 will take place, with a date for Europe and the other for America.

void tRrLM (); // Void Terrarium coming to Switch and PS4

Another round, another title signed by NIS America. This time it's up to void tRrLM (); // Void Terrarium whose date has just been announced ...

Free is Beautiful - Rayman Legends

Another free game from Ubisoft. After Child of Light it's up to a pearl of platformers like Rayman Legends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IQuDbycE3k 120 levels distributed on ...

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