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Riot will record Valorant's voice chats

Riot announced yesterday evening that it will begin recording Valorant's voice chats to better moderate them. There will be no option to prevent this from happening, other than to stop using ...
Destiny 2 Bungie Riot Games Valorant League of Legends GatorCheats

The dev GatorCheats receives two lawsuits from Riot and Bungie

What do Riot Games and Bungie have in common? Nothing, they both manage their projects separately: Riot has the League of Legends universe and the Valorant FPS in hand, while Bungie develops the Destiny 2 series ....

Valorant, Riot Games has officially unveiled Skye, the new agent coming with the Act ...

In the past few hours Riot Games has released the first official trailer for Skye, the new agent coming with Act 3 of Valorant. The third season of the tactical FPS that in addition to adding a new ...

Valorant, Riot Games confirms the arrival of replay functions and gifts to friends

In the past few hours Riot Games has published a new Ask VALORANT, a periodic column through which new features are announced on the tactical shooter. In this third episode of the column the developers have ...
Twitch U.S. Army Call of Duty Valorant

Is the US military using Twitch to recruit kids?

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's all true: the US army has landed on Twitch and for more than a month has been organizing livestreams every day in which the players of their team play ...

The first set of Valorant Ultra skins will cost $ 100

Valorant has announced the release of its first set of skins, Elderflame. Buying it will allow you to transform your weapons, both at range and close, into dragons. The skin market also begins on Riot's shooter ...

Valorant's ranked mode will return soon, with some changes

During the closed beta of Valorant the community was confused by the name given to the highest rank of the ranked mode, which was precisely Valorant. This will change once the mode becomes available again with ...

Riot announces Ignition Series, the competitive circuit of Valorant

Valorant was designed to be an esport from the very beginning. It was therefore only a matter of time before Riot announced an official competition, and now the time has come. After already a hundred ...

Valorant, according to Riot, the title could also arrive on consoles in the future

For just under a week, Valorant has officially left its beta phase and is available for free for everyone on PC, and although the game is currently exclusive to personal computers, in fact ...

What's new in Valorant 1.0

The game with the most coveted beta of the last period has been released. Riot made Valorant available today, with a number of new features and minor changes listed in patch notes 1.0. If you are among ...

Reyna is Valorant's new agent

Valorant's official Twitter account has posted a short video featuring a new character from Riot's FPS. The new agent is called Reyna, she is originally from Mexico and Riot had already shown her in ...

Valorant, Riot Games has officially announced the release date of the FPS

In the past few minutes, the developers of Riot Games, guests of the Summer Game Fest presented by Geoff Keighley, have announced important news on the future of Valorant, the tactical FPS on the crest of the wave. Riot's new game ...

Valorant - The system to report players arrives

After the recent controversy related to the toxicity of Valorant players, Riot Games is ready to put a piece of it by integrating a simple but almost effective report system for their competitive shooter. The system is ...

Valorant - Frontline Riot against jammers in voice chat

Riot Games titles have always been the bonfire of a plague that has plagued online multiplayer for some time: toxic players and those who use voice chat to insult their teammates. Valorant, ...
Valorant Anti Cheat

Valorant, Riot offers rewards for finding flaws in the anti-cheat system

If you are able to find exploits in Vanguard, Valorant's anti-cheat system, you could earn up to $ 100. Riot Games has in fact proposed a bounty to players who will be able to ...

Valorant, beta key drop enabled on all game livestreams

Riot Games has decided to change the key drop method to access the Valorant closed beta: from now on it will be possible to obtain a beta key simply by looking at any ...

Sons of The Forest, release date announced with a new trailer

Sons of the Forest finally has a release date. The sequel to the famous Endnight Games survival will officially arrive on the market on May 20 ...

Free is Beautiful - Dead by Daylight & while True: learn ()

Today is Thursday! And like every Thursday we return to talk about the latest free offer of the Epic Games Store. And this is where Free is Beautiful comes back, ...

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