Costs Became Top Concern During COVID-19;在COVID-XNUMX期间,成本成为最关注的问题; Viewer Engagement and Live Streaming at Scale Drive Innovation观众参与度和实时流媒体规模推动创新

旧金山 - (美国商业资讯) - #降低成本–视频流媒体公司聚会了吗? While COVID-19 has impacted businesses of all types and sizes, the streaming/OTT industry has seen a major impact.尽管COVID-XNUMX影响了所有类型和规模的企业,但流/ OTT行业却产生了重大影响。 With more consumers staying home and utilizing streaming services, video consumption has skyrocketed, but so have costs.随着越来越多的消费者留在家中并利用流媒体服务,视频消费激增,但成本也随之飙升。 Bitmovin, a leading provider of video infrastructure for digital media companies around the world, today revealed the results of its fourth annual “Video Developer Report” showcasing the current state of the video/streaming/OTT industry along with challenges being faced by video developers and the latest trends.全球数字媒体公司视频基础设施的领先提供商Bitmovin今天宣布了其第四次年度“视频开发人员报告”的结果,该报告展示了视频/流媒体/ OTT行业的当前状况以及视频开发人员和最新趋势。




Bitmovin认识到今年为行业内的所有企业带来了无与伦比的挑战和独特机遇。 The results showed the top challenge among respondents was reducing costs, replacing last year's top concern of complex technology such as 'live low latency.”结果显示,受访者面临的最大挑战是降低成本,取代了去年对复杂技术的关注,例如“实时低延迟”。 Despite the majority of participants holding technical roles, over 51% of respondents indicated that cost control for such things as bandwidth and storage is their biggest challenge.尽管大多数参与者都担任技术职务,但仍有超过XNUMX%的受访者表示,带宽和存储等方面的成本控制是他们最大的挑战。 The results are clear that many in the industry believe that video streaming services need to focus on cost optimization in order to survive.结果很明显,业内许多人认为视频流媒体服务需要专注于成本优化才能生存。


Sometimes a crisis is the best instigator of innovation because people are searching for solutions.有时,危机是创新的最佳诱因,因为人们正在寻找解决方案。 Many streaming media industry innovations were already in progress before COVID-19, but the crisis has certainly sped up the adoption of some specific ones.在COVID-XNUMX之前,许多流媒体行业的创新已经在进行中,但是这场危机肯定加速了某些特定技术的采用。

Mastering live streaming at scale is not an easy job and while it is a top challenge in the report, respondents also see this as the greatest opportunity for innovation.大规模掌握实时流媒体并不是一件容易的事,尽管这是报告中的首要挑战,但受访者也将其视为创新的最大机会。 Viewer engagement can be complex as well, considering the different kinds of viewers that use a service and need to be engaged in different ways.考虑到使用服务并需要以不同方式参与的不同类型的观看者,观看者的参与也可能很复杂。 “Recommendations” and “personalizations” will play an even great role moving forward, as developers are tasked with new ways of retaining viewers.随着开发人员肩负着留住观众的新方法,“建议”和“个性化”将继续发挥重要作用。 We can also expect innovative ways streaming services and providers find to put on compelling content, whether live sports, concerts, musicals, or shows.我们还可以期待流媒体服务和提供商发现娱乐内容的创新方式,无论是现场体育,音乐会,音乐剧还是表演。

“随着流媒体/ OTT行业的持续快速发展,新的挑战和机遇将不断发展。 “在当今的COVID世界中,巨大的波动性伴随着大量的需求。 The industry players that best recognize the changing technological and financial landscape will be the ones that not only survive, but thrive.”最能意识到不断变化的技术和金融前景的行业参与者将不仅生存,而且会蓬勃发展。”


Bitmovin连续第四年在29年9月2020日至792月87日之间进行了年度视频开发人员调查。调查的参与者和所代表的国家/地区的数量类似地反映了全球对流媒体需求的激增。 Bitmovin对来自46个国家/地区的2019名视频开发人员和行业专家进行了抽样调查-与XNUMX年相比,参与率急剧上升了XNUMX%。与往年一致,行业,公司规模和职称等人口统计主要集中在三个关键行业类别中:广播公司,集成商和OTT流服务。


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