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加州红木城-(美国商业资讯)-Criterion Games与Stellar Entertainment合作,重新点燃了追逐和逃跑的快感 重制《极品飞车》热追踪。 Launching on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC on November 6 and Nintendo Switch™ on November 13, the game will feature enhanced visuals and cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer competition powered by Autolog — the revolutionary feature that allows players to seamlessly connect, compare and compete with their friends.该游戏将于30月XNUMX日在PlayStation®XNUMX,Xbox One和PC上推出,并于XNUMX月XNUMX日在Nintendo Switch™上推出,该游戏将具有增强的视觉效果和由Autolog推动的跨平台异步多人游戏,革命性的功能使玩家能够无缝连接,比较和与朋友竞争。 The game will also include all main DLC that delivers an extra six hours of gameplay and more than XNUMX challenges, bringing back Criterion's critically-acclaimed游戏还将包括所有主要的DLC,可提供额外的六个小时的游戏时间和XNUMX多个挑战,使Criterion广受好评 极品飞车™ 首次亮相,并获得了2010年“游戏评论家”奖和令人垂涎的“最佳赛车游戏奖”,以及2011年“多人游戏”英国电影学院奖。

极品飞车:追求热情 was ahead of its time when it released in 2010 as we built an automatic comparison and friend recommendation system in the game before that type of thing became a norm in today's world.它在XNUMX年发布时就处于领先地位,当时我们在游戏中建立了自动比较和好友推荐系统,然后这种类型的游戏在当今世界成为常态。 Now, we're delighted to be bringing that spirit of timeless racing competition back to new platforms and players where they can connect, compare and compete no matter what platform they're on, even on the go this time with the Nintendo Switch,” said现在,我们很高兴将永恒的赛车竞赛精神带回新的平台和玩家手中,无论他们在哪个平台上,他们都可以连接,比较和竞争,即使这次使用Nintendo Switch也可以,”说过 Criterion Games副总裁Matt Webster。 “在Autolog和一些世界上最令人向往的经典跑车的推动下,这将创造出最令人激动的社会竞争赛车体验。”

极品飞车:炙手可热 features the graphical enhancements of the world of Seacrest County, where the winding roads and exotic supercars offer an adrenaline-filled sense of speed.具有Seacrest County世界的图形增强功能,蜿蜒的道路和充满异国情调的超级跑车提供了充满肾上腺素的速度感。 A deep single-player career delivers the action of both sides of the law, where supercharged cop interceptors with tactical weaponry can bust their suspects, and elite racers can level the playing field with counterattacks and defensive maneuvers.深入的单人职业可以实现法律的两面作用,在这种情况下,配备战术武器的增压警察拦截器可以扑灭犯罪嫌疑人,精锐的赛车手可以通过反击和防御性战术来达到公平竞争的目的。 Through a seamlessly linked multiplayer experience across all race modes, players can play their career solo or take on friends to earn Bounty and unlock new cars, weapons, and equipment.通过在所有种族模式下无缝链接的多人游戏体验,玩家可以独自玩自己的职业生涯,也可以结交朋友来获得赏金并解锁新的汽车,武器和设备。 The game will also include all the additional post-launch content, like fan-favorite modes Armed and Dangerous and Lamborghini Untamed, seamlessly woven into the experience like never before.游戏还将包含所有其他发布后的内容,例如“粉丝与危险”和“兰博基尼无拘无束”等粉丝最喜欢的模式,无缝融合到前所未有的体验中。 Brand new achievements, car colors, reduced hard stops, an updated photo mode and multiple quality of life updates make this the best time to reignite the pursuit on either side of the law.崭新的成就,汽车的色彩,减少的急停,更新的照片模式和多种生活质量的更新,这是重新激发法律两方面追求的最佳时机。 After launch,发射后, 极品飞车:炙手可热 还将看到汽车包装纸的增加,这将为玩家提供更多定制选项。

极品飞车:炙手可热 奠基 Autolog技术的回归是在面对面的异步竞赛中将玩家与朋友联系起来,本能地根据他们的结果提出并建议挑战。 Autolog功能还使玩家可以与跨平台多人游戏进行比较和分享他们的所有经验,图片和挑战,从而使玩家有机会在任何平台上相互竞争。

极品飞车:炙手可热 is rated E10+ by the ESRB.被ESRB评为EXNUMX +。 For more information about the game, please visit the有关该游戏的更多信息,请访问 官网,就像 Facebook 或继续 Twitter.


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